Assemblee Competition: VOTING!

By: Derek Yu

On: January 20th, 2010

Assemblee Competition

Part two of the Assemblee Competition has wrapped up, the entries from both parts have been compiled, and voting has begun! For those of you who have forgotten (or are now joining us), Assemblee was started two months ago. In the first part, people entered artwork and music that could be used in a game to enter in the second part. Only the graphics and music made for the competition was allowed, although they could be modified in-game.

73 games were made for part two, and you can view the games here, or vote for them here. There are a lot of neat games in there of every type – there were even two MMOGs submitted! Have fun!

170+ (!!!) people submitted art and music for part one, and you can view samples of everyone’s work here (warning: very very image-heavy), and vote for them here. All of this work is being released under a non-commercial Creative Commons license. You may use this work for your own projects so long as you agree to the license. Oh, and make sure you look in a creator’s actual thread if you like their work – there may be more inside (like different file format options).

That’s really a staggering amount of great work done in two months’ time, ladies and gentlemen. Be proud! Another successful compo behind us and so much to look forward to in the rest of the year! Cheers!

  • Terry

    Really looking forward to checking these out, I loved the concept behind this contest. Wish I’d time to enter myself.

    Can’t wait until the next one :)

  • falsion

    Cool, we can still use the assets even if we didn’t participate? Good thing to have. I can see these helping a lot of people getting their projects off the ground.

  • Andrew

    Is there a canonical way to get to the art assets? I’ve seen many zip files and stuff, but I can see all this art and music being used way into the future and want to attribute the source correctly!

  • Ted

    Yeah this was a great idea. Kudos.

    Good luck to all the entreez.

  • Sparky

    I’ve enjoyed quite a few of these, and I’m looking forward to playing more. Cheers to everyone who made assets or a game.

    This was a fun theme. It went quite well, I think.

  • Anthony Flack

    I did forget about it :(

    The games look great!

  • Roger

    Ooops, page title reads “The Independent Gaming Source’s Video Game Name Generator Competition”…

  • deadeye

    Oh! The logo is a duck! I just now realized. I thought it was a frowny face guy with extra arms coming out of his head for some reason.

    Well, then… carry on.

  • anothergol

    I vote for the bottommost sad face throwing blocks

  • Derek

    Yep, the duck/frownyman test is going to replace the Rorschach test any day now… ;)

    Hey, guys! I added a few people that were missing from the Part One poll! If you were looking for easyname, Hinchy, and stevobread, they’re on the poll and the page now. Sorry about that.

    @Roger: Thanks, I fixed that, as well.

  • xhunterko

    Good luck everyone! I look forward to trying some of the games! :)

  • Locien

    Anyone want to put up a torrent or something like that of all the games for those of us that want to to try to play all of them but are too lazy to download them one at a time?

  • trav

    TOTALLY a frowny man :P

  • Chris

    Some awesome and not-so-awesome entries, but without doubt an extremely awesome competiton :)

    Er… yeah. Awesome!

  • meepmeep

    another lazy person vote for a combined torrent.

  • JonnyB0T

    Torrent, torrent!

  • Sean

    @ JonnyB0T, meepmeep, and Locien:

    If you’re running Firefox (and who isn’t?) try the DownThemAll extension. Then you’ll be able to queue up each pagefull of links to download to a given folder. It even has a filter pre-set to download all archives linked from a given page. (So it looks for zips, rars, etc.)

  • meepmeep

    I think you missed the part about me being lazy.

  • Brian Cooper

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