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By: ithamore

On: February 18th, 2010

Two of our forum members have been working on video series of indie games to which we would like to bring some attention (moshboy’s Underrated Indie Games and ortoslon’s playthroughs), since they are bringing so much attention to a large range of indie games.

100 Underrated Indie Games

Each of the 100 games in the Underrated Indie Games series (originally Obscure Indie Games) was created by a different developer. Many are from developers with which you might not be familiar while some are less familiar games from more well known developers. Each game has a brief video, a concise description, and a link to the game. You could easily spend an evening watching the videos while downloading the games that look interesting to you.

From moshboy’s explanation of the series:

“The main reason I started the series was because, over the years, I noticed a bunch of games that weren’t getting full frontpage reviews/coverage on TIGSource or the Indygamer/Indie Games Weblog, so I started making a list on a scrap of paper of the games that I remembered that hadn’t been frontpage reviewed on either one (and since they are the two biggest sources that people go to, to find indie games, I figured most of the games I was listing were pretty obscure, hence the original name of the series).

“I think the collection is quite diverse, even though there are some noticeable genres that have been left out such as RPGs, Strategies and car racing games. Many of the developers featured have probably never had a game featured on TIGS or Indie Games, so I’m sure they would get some motivation out of it.”

Having finished his first Underrated Indie Games series, moshboy has begun a new series with a similar theme, Indie Games You Might Have Missed, and you can follow it on his Youtube channel and in moshboy’s thread for this newest and all his future indie game series. Additionally, a second iteration of Underrated Indie Games is being planned, but it won’t be have the restriction of 100 developers.

A Note of Warning: My avs caught a virus in Glace, part 85 of the series, and a user at complained about it having a worm. moshboy said an old computer gave him such a warning in the past, but he has never had one come up on his new computer. So, the risk is up to you if you really want to play it.

ortoslon's Playthroughs

After people told ortoslon that beating White Butterfly on punishment wasn’t the easy accomplishment he thought it was, he decided to start making videos for his Youtube channel. It has recordings of “playthoughs, score attacks, speedruns, and compilations” of indie games he likes, which are “mostly challenging, freeware, action games” plus a little variety. Many of the games are from more well know developers and some are from less known developers. The videos display skillful playing (magnitudes better than my own on the same games), and there is a convenient link to each game to provide you with even more games to keep you busy.

This is an on going series for ortoslon, which currently contains over 60 games, and his longer videos of playthroughs are being kindly hosted on Paul Eres’s Youtube channel, so be sure to look through them too.

Note: The link for downloading Rescue: the Beagles isn’t working, since 16× is down. Update: ortoslon has changed the link to a copy of Rescue: the Beagles uploaded onto MediaFire.

  • Zukalous

    Great work, I will check it out.

    Underrated indie games is like saying world’s smallest midget.

  • GZ

    I’m a big fan of the underrated indie games channel, there’s a lot of interesting stuff on there.

  • PixelProspector

    really great work moshboy and orstolon, really great work!

    i created a mirror for “rescue the beagles” if anyone wants to play that gem

  • ortoslon

    patchwork images would’ve been even cooler if every square linked to a corresponding video

  • Derek

    Epic videos, epic collage!

  • The Monster King

    Hey there’s the only game I finished so far in there!!

  • ortoslon

    @PixelProspector added the link to the video’s description

  • flyboy

    I will personally vouch for Glace. It’s a goddamn gem and – Just download it.

  • Endurion

    Great work. And also nice, my game Ti’em Up is in there ;)

    There’s lots of interesting games, please continue!

  • OV

    “I noticed a bunch of games that weren’t getting full frontpage reviews/coverage on TIGSource or the Indygamer/Indie Games Weblog”

    I’ve wondered about this many times before. Particularly, Tigsource seems to be quite selective in what hits the front page here. It’s hard to tell what the criteria is. Any comments, TIG admins?

  • GZ

    I’d say it’s the nature of indie games. A lot of these developers don’t publicize their games much, so they can be difficult to find. There are only so many TIG editors as well, so unless they hear about it, it won’t be posted here.

    There is guest article submission, I would say this is probably the best way to talk about a game that you think is being overlooked. There’s even a thread where you can post games to make TIG aware (for articles), both of these are in the announcements section in the forum I think.

  • shockedfrog

    Glace was horribly overrated. It’s worth playing to see the style of it but the gameplay is incredibly boring and it’s certainly not a ‘gem’.

  • Circy

    GZ: A lot of developers don’t publicize their games because they don’t want to be seen as “hype generators”

    This minimizes the risk of the game recieving critisism if it turns out to not be as good as everyone expected.