By: fuzz

On: February 18th, 2010



Ah, Vasily Zotov, our constant purveyor of autobiographical, surrealist snippets of something-or-other. In preparation for his upcoming trial, which will determine whether or not he’ll be granted asylum in the U.S., he’s released the first chapter of his newest puzzle game, Refugee. It’s in the same vein as Space Spy, but with better music and bigger explosions. This one attempts to encapsulate his feelings on the corruption of power within Homeland Security, although there’s not much of that as of yet. You can expect more levels to be added in the coming weeks, provided that he comes out of his trial unscathed. Come for the “crazy juridicial prostitutes”, stay for the B-Game appeal of this absurd experience.
Let’s hope Thursday’s trial works out for Vasily; he seems a reasonable guy, if a bit out of the ordinary, and it appears that a return to Russia would do far more harm than good.

You can play Refugee here, while the trailer can be viewed here.

  • Mr. Podunkian

    pretentious is an autoflagged word; pretentious is an autoflagged word;

    cool. tell me more about b-games, or more importantly, the b-movies that they’re supposed to resemble.

    does b-game explicitly imply “crazy jurisdicial prostitutes” in the same way a b-movie does? faster! pussycat! kill! kill! was a b-movie — it said a lot about the gender roles in society. likewise, night of the living dead, despite being filmed in black and white due to its small budget managed to say a lot more about racial tensions than its hollywood based remake did.

    what exactly are you saying about this game besides “this is a weird game, play it because it’s out of the ordinary”, alex? i’m convinced you have no other point.

    pretentious is an autoflagged word; pretentious is an autoflagged word;

  • chrknudsen

    I like how it’s a trailer for a puzzle game, but I have absolutely no clue what was going on. Tale of Tales, cry your heart out! :p

  • undertech

    Maybe if he shows this to the Russians they’ll sponsor him to stay here!

    Read that how you will.

  • falsion

    Most people keep a dairy to write their thoughts, this guy programs entire games to do the same thing.

  • falsion


    (whoops, almost didn’t catch that since dairy is also a word)

  • falsion

    Alex, this article was great, by the way. Simple and to the point. But let’s not get into that again. No more reviewing the article writer.

  • daigo

    Yeah, Alex is starting to get the hang of this now. I had my doubts at first, but I think he’s got it now.

  • chrknudsen

    I actually keep a dairy to write my thoughts in. I like writing in cheese.

  • Jad

    mrPodunkian, I think you have a good point, but is it really wise to presuppose that B-games are supposed to be like B-movies? that’s not how I see it. But i’m a bit too intoxicated to argue my point much further ‘ D ‘;

  • fuzz

    i’m using derek’s definition of b-games, i think

  • anonymous

    Reading his comments on the game makes a bit more sense about his situation, than actually playing the game.. But playing the game shows how his mind works..

    The artistic sense in this game is more symbolical than a direct telling of his experiences.

    It seems that politics have wriggled into his courtroom proceedings, and people in power are manipulating the legal proceedings in order to discriminate and dis-empower him. (Department of Homeland Security is on the legal briefings, his psychologist only studied him for an hour, and is working against him in the documents) This is my impression from the documents.

  • Anonymous coward!

    podunkian wants attention; podunkian wants attention

    finish the underside. you’ll get better attention.

    podunkian wants attention; podunkian wants attention