TIGSource Comicompo 2 Finished!

By: Derek Yu

On: February 25th, 2010

TIGSource Comicompo 2

I’m pleased to announced that we recently finished our second Comicompo on the forums! The Comicompo, started and organized by Mr. Kyle Pulver, is a collaborative project where each person does a comic page after reading only the previous page. The first one was pretty good, but this is all kinds of amazing, what with 45 people participating (25 more than the last)! Open it up and experience the “chay-oss” within. (The thread for Comicompo 2 is here.)

I’ve never been part of an online community with this kind of creative output. Great work, guys! Hopefully the next one will be even better.

  • Scientist

    I’ll call this new genus Cavestoryii ripofii maximus.

  • Scientist

    But seriously this is tits, especially the end

  • Scientist

    bald man tits

  • Derek

    r u rly a scientist?

  • Coded One

    Words can not describe the awesome…

    Well, except for:

    “Pus bucket! We’ll have to engage it.”

  • Necromian

    The sperm story arc was hilarious.

  • Scientist

    I am an ass scientist.

  • Slather

    I think this is how the show “Lost” was written.

  • Winterous



  • Davioware

    Amazing work guys.

    The clash of styles makes for an amazingly entertaining read.

    Konjak’s page made my jaw drop for about two seconds as I soaked in the awesome colors.

  • Slashie

    Damn, I didn’t know about this… I would have participated :(

    Another compo I wish I had known about (the first one being the bootleg demakes)

  • Melly


  • wsw

    The first two panels of page 12 made me lol pretty good.

    I also appreciated the fact that the slowly-mutated Tim Langdell character got his come-uppance despite almost becoming the hero. It’s like some kind of cosmic justice there.

  • FartyButt

    What a mess.

  • wsw

    The cover is ace too.

  • Winterous

    ..Am I the only one who thinks injured girl on pages 12 and 17 is really cute?

  • Jad

    This mess is beautiful! I love it.

  • Jad

    Also, Indie Comic, starring Hitler and Tim Langdell, playing Injured Girl and Bald Martial Mango Artist

    * D * YES

  • bateleur

    @Winterous> You are referring, I assume, to Hot Redhead Crippled Dance-off Were-Franken-Hitler?

    Yes, as his/her name implies, he/she is hot. 8-)

  • Alex

    Ok, this was confusing.

    It was kind of funny, but I think it would be better if at least they tried to maintain a common theme.


    Panel 11 is my new background.

  • Dinsdale


    …is awesome!

  • Jad

    alex> aruno man, there already ARE a million GOOD comics out there that make sense.

    This isn’t a mere collaboration, it’s an exquisite corpse collaboration, to see what kind of mutations happen from page to page is sorta the point. You can’t go into this expecting a ‘good comic’. It’s not set up to turn into a good comic like that O:

    anyways I ramble. I still think the comicompo thrives from the chaos

  • Toadsanime

    This is abso-fucking-lutely the best thing I have ever seen or read. Ever.

    Also, I love how that character near the end was unknowningly Tim Langdell to some of the contributors. Made me laugh my face off.

  • robolee

    Why did Tim Langdell almost win the whole comic, mango style is WAYYY too epic for the lang.D, seriously.

    amazing but I think some of the misinterpretations or “mutations” ruin it ever so slightly, it’sa not so bad but some people changed, like the perfectly ‘healthy’ zombie guy into a little disabled girl with bandage socks, not a transformation just a sudden change in the character from where one person picked it up. if one extra cell was added you could perhaps explain the transformation if you wanted to use a character.

    don’t know why I’m complaining though, the comic is just awesome.

  • Aik

    The Hitler->crippled girl transformation wouldn’t have been intentional though – Hitler didn’t appear on the previous page.

    And the dancing girl arc was awesome, so stop complaining :p

  • Kevin L

    The “mutations” are what made it awesome though. Good work, this is amazing.

    Oh, and if you click the page number on the left of the page you are already on you go into forever loading mode.

  • Jad

    Well yes, I think one of the things that made the mutations iffy is HOW GOOD and COHERENT the comic managed to be at times.

    I thought it’d be ONLY about constantly mutating chaos, haha, I’m impressed.

  • Stephen

    I think the better parts are where people are at least trying to maintain some sort of consistency, whether they succeed or fail.

    On some pages, you can tell the artist was trying to deliberately mislead the next one, or just completely derail things by ignoring what was on the previous page. While such randomness is usually good and funny, here it’s completely unnecessary — the crazy is already inherent in the medium, and when you try to force it, it just feels lame.

    I say all that only because this was, on the whole, one of the more hilarious, enjoyable, and interesting things I’ve read in a while. Good job!