By: Paul Eres

On: March 11th, 2010

REDDER is a game by Anna Anthropy / Auntie Pixelante, with music by Amon26. It’s an exploration platformer focused around an alternating green/red block switch mechanic, similar to the mechanic used in the third pendent dungeon in the SNES classic A Link to the Past.

I found the colors very nice (even though the backgrounds are often just gradients, there’s a lot that can be done with just gradients of color), and the exploration of a fairly large world excellent. In a few ways the game resembles VVVVVV, but only in basic structure: a world of screen-sized rooms, numerous checkpoints, things to collect, but is more non-linear, slower-paced, and not as focused on challenge (you won’t die very often if you’re decent at platformers).

I’ve played through many of her other games (When Pig’s Fly, Calamity Annie, Mighty Jill Off, Invader), and so far this one’s by far my favorite; maybe you guys will agree.

  • Davioware

    I also thought of it similar to VVVVVV.

  • fuzz

    i love this game

    it’s interesting that she didn’t incorporate anything to do with social interaction in redder, though– this is her largest game to date, so i would think she might exploit her understanding of social dynamics in the context of gaming

  • Dustin

    “similar to the third pendent dungeon in the SNES classic A Link to the Past.”

    I knew the mechanic came from LttP but couldn’t remember which dungeon it was from. Mighty Jill Off is still my favorite Anthropy game, but then again I’m a huge Mighty Bomb Jack fan. This is a close second though.

    You mentioned When Pigs Fly twice. =p

  • paul eres

    thanks, fixed; i meant calamity annie the second time

  • monkeyhat

    how about a link?

  • Zaphos

    The game is great :)

    (Now you mentioned Calamity Annie twice …)

  • John Evans


  • fuzz

    auntiepixelante dot com

  • Anarkex

    Anyone else get bored of this game really fast? I mean, I like all the effort that was put into it and all, it’s definitely Anna’s biggest game yet, but the game didn’t really have much to hold my attention. Block puzzles are kind of archaic, and the game doesn’t do much to direct you to each goal. I found myself completing multiple platforming puzzles to move in wide circles and accomplish nothing.

    If you ask me, Jill Off is still her best game by a wide margin. Partly because it was more coherent, but mostly because it had such a challenging and rewarding jumping mechanic behind it.

  • anon

    I agree with Anarkex

  • anon

    How come that ‘Moonkeeper’ game never got front paged?
    That was awesome, way better than this.

  • Commie
  • !CE-9


  • Melly

    Paul, stick some damn links up in that thing.

  • Creativity [ Indie == AAA ]

    Looks good.

  • Derek Yoohoo


  • Don Huan


  • Shit butt


  • FIRE

    this asshole

  • J

    Link is in my name. I like it, but there’s a memory bug somewhere. For a time, 1 block would randomly change its appearance on each screen. It got progressively worse to where huge portions of the ground would change constantly.

    And it’s not stated in the game, but there’s an auto-save, which is always appreciated.

  • paul eres

    fixed the link

  • Valter


  • Lime God

    Hey, is it just me, or does this game seem familiar?

    Whether it’s a direct reference or not, it gives me the same vibe, and I grew up on this game. Pretty awesome~

  • pxd

    J: the randomly changing block appearances is actually part of the game… it’ll get worse each time you collect a diamond (until you’ve got enough of them…)

  • Mr. Podunkian

    bro, let’s link to her homepage and not just some newgrounds link. kinda important (i’d think) to understand the artist + her motivations here (as posted by her) as opposed to just placing a link.

  • SirNiko

    This is some pretty good stuff. I got a real strong Legacy of the Wizard vibe while playing it, which is a really good thing. I’m confused by people who say they got lost: the world is divided into some pretty obvious sectors, each with self-contained puzzles. Gems are marked on the map, so there’s no way you can find one and forget about it later.

    The graphical effects as you collect the gems gave me the distinct impression that I was making a terrible mistake as I grabbed more and more.

    All in all, an excellent offering. Simple concept, fun play, excellent graphics, and a little interesting twist at the end to set it apart from other exploration games.


  • Dinsdale

    What Anarkex said.

  • JoeHonkie

    That was a fun game. I’m didn’t have any problems with “lack of guidance” as the map clearly segregates the game into specific zones, and the puzzles are all pretty much confined to one of the zones.

    The “meta” ending wasn’t deep or anything, but it was cute. Fun little way to spend some free time.

  • turb0

    I felt overwhelmed by all those switch puzzles. Too much of them. So I just closed it. Sorry. “Too much or something is bad enough…” like the Spice Girls’ song would say.

  • Cliftor

    TIGsource is my go-to source for learning about new indie games, but whenever I see the “Browser Game” tag I sigh and move on.

    I live on an internet without flash. It’s my own choice, I don’t expect others to do it. I deeply dislike flash but recognize its strengths as a platform. Depriving myself of ostensibly wonderful games like this is a price I’m willing to pay to keep it off my system, but it is sad sometimes.

  • Ape

    Too bad it’s a flash game…

  • Dinsdale

    Cliftor, what did flash do to you?

  • Pau

    @JoeHonkie – What was ‘meta’ about the ending? Are you just referring to the what happens when you gather all the crystals.

    A bit of a disappointing game tbh.

  • JoeHonkie

    I meant “meta” half as a gag. It was cute. Yeah, I meant the gradual “glitching” of the game and how that turns out. It was cute, if undramatic.

  • Vania


    How can people have such strong feelings about technology? It’s just a tool, you dont have to hate it or love it, just use it.
    If you dont want to develop in it thats fine, but refuse to use it? Thats just doesnt make sense.

  • Pau

    @Cliftor – That’s bizarre.
    @JoeHonkie – Fair enough. I enjoyed the glitches (even though I thought the game was borked initially and stopped playing), especially towards the end as the added a novel layer of difficulty, and interest to a fairly mundane world. However, the last one was a bit obvious, and coupled with the ending it leaves you rather flat.

  • doobsby

    flashphobia – the unrealistic fear of flash

  • SirNiko

    I’ve found all three of the secret areas. One of them has an obvious name, but I’m curious what the significance of the other two might be, aside from the clever symmetry.


  • Bread

    The grocery store is my go-to source for buying new foods, but whenever I see the “bread” tag I sigh and move on.

    I live a life without bread. It’s my own choice, I don’t expect others to do it. I deeply dislike bread but recognize its strengths as a food. Depriving myself of ostensibly wonderful foods like this is a price I’m willing to pay to keep it out of my system, but it is sad sometimes.

  • Cosmic Maher

    I digged it. Dug it?

  • Malefact

    Yo. This game rocks. Wrote a long and very strange piece inspired by it at:

    contains spoilers, and probably won’t make any sense unless you’ve competed the game. Which you should.

  • undertech

    Bread, does your “I’m gluten-free” shirt that you wear all the time assist in getting chicks?

  • snapman

    Finally finished it today (only one secret room, all gems). I liked it. Also you can click on Andrew Gray and Daphny David on the credits screen to hear some easter egg sound effects.

  • Figger

    I prefer having a download, but I guess I am oldfashioned.

  • Bread

    Only the chicks with coeliac disease

  • tim445ol

    I have a pain in my testacles and theres white pus. Should I go to a doctor?

  • Dustin

    The combination of only 2 real features (neither very novel), derivative knytt style (presentation, checkpoints and scrolling), and a lack of challenge combines to make this game pretty uninteresting.

    A whole game of zelda switches and static turrets shooting through pipedream tubes is just not enough.

  • paul eres

    great article malefact — now let’s play it!!! :)