Fish Face

By: Derek Yu

On: March 22nd, 2010

Fish Face

Beau’s Fish Face is a fun one-switch game made for GAMMA IV. You control a fish with a face and your goal is to save the Cephalopod Princess and party with your friends at the end of each of the three stages. Pressing either “Z” or the down arrow makes you swim downward, and when you release the key the water will buoy you up and send you flying into the air. Despite the game’s dark color palette, the graphics and music are really cute and cheery, and each stage is varied and filled with nice little details, like rain, waterfalls, and various flora/fauna (I noticed the awesome homage, Beau!). I found the level design to be well done, also – it’s fairly challenging and provides lots of opportunities to make tricky jumps, one of the most satisfying things to do in the game. Good work!

TIGdb: Entry for Fish Face

  • LemonScented

    My virus scanner (Kaspersky) is saying that’s malware…

  • metai

    Kaspersky’s anti-virus software reports an “constructor.win32.idl.ea” virus with the main executable. Yes, it probably is a false positive, but how would I know?

  • allen

    Avira reports it being clean, wouldn’t worry about it. It’s made in game maker.

  • metai

    I don’t worry about it. Because, as long as I get a virus warning, I simply don’t start it.

    I cannot be bothered to investigate the validity of a virus report. And the internet is not to implicitly place trust in. Servers can (and have) been hacked. Software publishers can (and have) been virus infected themselves.

  • LemonScented

    Yep, what metai said. Other Game Maker games don’t flag up warnings. Pity, because I was quite up for playing this, but my ‘puter is too important for me to blindly agree to running something which I’ve been told could be harmful.

  • deku

    that was brilliant
    i dont know about this virus business but i hope it doesn’t deter to many people because that was awesome

  • mike

    hahaha, you guys are idiots! fish face is awesome!

    sucks to be anyone who uses crap anti-virus software.

  • Turgid

    I played for a good long while til I got stuck at one part (just after the thunderstorms, on normal). Tried that bit 20 times and just couldn’t get it, but up to then it was great. Nearly perfect challenge level. The introduction of new elements is well-paced and well done. I like how some things are variable; when you go through a section multiple times that helps keep it interesting.

    I do think the checkpoints could be a little closer together so I could get right to the parts that give me trouble. Other than that, I felt really good about practicing a section til I mastered it. Thanks for the game!

  • Dusty Spur

    malefact wrote something a bit more in-depth and just as glowing, for those interested:

  • James

    This is really great. I love the transitions. The challenges were sort of staggered easy, hard, easy, hard, but I suppose I probably would have gotten frustrated if it wasn’t that way.

    Very nice work.

  • Ted

    Fish Face!

    Great job Beau.

  • zosh

    Lovely, if a bit short, game. Buggy tho, after playing a level it aborts with an error.

    @mike: “you guys are idiots”, “sucks to be you”? Wow. I love your 4Fourths trailer, but I seriously hope you deal with the legitimate worries of users in a more mature way when it comes to your own software.

  • BinarySplit

    This isn’t the first one-button fish game. Farbs made Fishy Fishy which can be found here:

    Still, Fish Face definitely looks more involved than Fishy Fishy.

  • Nikica

    I get the same warning with Kaspersky, weird because I played the game some weeks ago and it was all fine, so it could be indeed a virus.

    @mike: I wouldn’t call Kaspersky a “crap anti-virus software” as it is one of the two best anti-virus programs(NOD32 being the second one), if not THE best.

  • celluloseman

    Based on what little I know of antivirus software, false positives are a definite possibility when a program contains script like fishface. But who knows.

    Avast had nothing bad to say.

  • UltimateWalrus

    what i wanna know is, where is my goddamn Action Fist

  • N

    Don’t know if this is related to the game setting off anti virus’s, but when I tried playing it last night my computer instantly crashed and I got a physical memory dump screen. So yea.

  • !CE-9

    good, I wasn’t the only one to think of Babies Dream of Dead Worlds and how Fish Face does what that one wanted, only Fish Face does all of it right.

  • DYH

    This reminds me of the movie Ponyo I saw recently, nice.

    Or is it more looking like Seaman?

  • Radix

    N: that happened to me all the time with Game Maker games on my old uni laptop.

  • Yin

    Loved it, really charming! <3
    52 deaths before clearing normal mode...
    Too bad it was made in GM, pretty much random if it wanted to start or not and it also gave me some errors (several on main menu after clearing a map, game still works though) and windowed mode would have been nice. No viruses detected with Avast tho.

  • Can’t Read

    @Yin- I read that as < 352 (less than 352 deaths) at first.

  • Gainswoethy

    Oh man, this is marvelous! Really polished thing, and the music is awesome. All with one button, too.

  • Ape

    Beautiful and artfully constructed game. Very fun and rewarding play. Congratulations and thanks to the maker.

  • God at play

    This game is great and Beau is greater.