By: ithamore

On: May 5th, 2010


Jed by Jonathan Whiting (MrPiglet) is a game that was enjoyed by many in the feedback forum, and it deserves more exposure than it had received.

It is a retro platformer with “big pixels and a world flipping twist” about a robot trying to rescue 50 robot babies. However, rescuing them isn’t completely necessary for finishing a level as long as one reaches the exit door, which gives the game a veneer of ease, but that is where the simplicity ends.

After completing the 10 levels, new goal appear: a  bonus challenge level that requires near perfect timing and new unlockables for 100% completion and for clearing the game in under 7 minutes.

Gaining the unlockables, however, isn’t near as interesting as the process of obtaining them, since striving toward each goal changes the way one must play, which creates meaningful replayability. Figuring out the secrets for finding the more hidden babies among the dual lavers of the game is both frustrating (level 04) and rewarding. And since each level is so short, the time-attack doesn’t require too much memorization.

A few final notes: some might not like how floaty the robot’s jump is, but Jed’s layout was designed with its jumping style in mind; there is an in-game editor for creating levels; and the spacebar is the action key for the storybook and menus (I don’t know why there are no controls in the readme), but the robot’s controls are nicely given in-game.

  • phubans

    Ooh, I really like this one. Charming graphics, presentation, great gameplay mechanics and AWESOME music!

  • gaycocks

    Yeah it's kinda fun, whatever

  • Demoscene Time Machine

    Music is by Demoscene Time Machine

  • Lailoken

    Sweet game! It's extra hard to unlock everything. (anything)

  • joehonkie

    I'm afraid I like the soundtrack a lot more than the actual game itself. Not that it's a bad game or anything like that.

  • hyrx

    Unlockables were unlockable
    Fun was fun
    In the end the soundtrack was the real star ★

  • Sparky

    I like this game- finding all the babies was really enjoyable. The level design is really solid. The game is difficult, but I always felt like it was my fault when I failed, so I was always willing to make the extra effort to do better the next time.

  • James

    Pretty fun. Soundtrack is amazing.

    Unlockables seem somewhat insane. Maybe there's are shortcuts I'm missing? An indicator at the level select indicating if you got all the babies on a level would be nice.

    I was initially confused upon starting the game. I didn't know the difference between the story panels and the level selection. I was dodging things moving in the backdrop. I thought I was missing some sort of fire button.

  • shockedfrog

    There are definitely quite a few shortcuts, with some of the later levels they'll pretty much cut your time in half – once you've figured them out even getting below 6:30 isn't too tricky. As for the babies, I thought the same, but it turns out they're evenly split, 5 per level. The challenge level is just a bonus and doesn't affect your babies or time totals.

  • Thomas

    Jed is fun! The floaty jumps don't bother me. There's a difference between controllable (albeit floaty) jumps like Jed has and jumps like say… LittleBigPlanet. Ugh. Love that game, but such horrible platforming mechanics.

    Anyways. This is great! Although I am having a strange bug. While I play and immediately after I exit the game everything is fine, but when I reboot, my desktop resolution is set to Jed's resolution. Very odd.