Brandon Boyer Named IGF Chairman

By: Derek Yu

On: May 12th, 2010

Brandon Boyer

Brandon Boyer, who you might (should!) recognize as the games editor for Boing Boing and the awesome Offworld, has been named Chairman of the Independent Games Festival. Simon Carless, the previous Chairman (who has done a superhuman job, I might add), will still help out on the IGF/IGS organizing committee, along with Matthew Wegner and Steve Swink. You can read the full announcement on the IGF website.

Great, now I’m already excited for next year’s IGF.

  • godsavant

    Congrats, Brandon! TIGSource's plans for world domination are coming along nicely.

  • Nava

    Sweet! Congrats Brandon!! :)

  • TeamQuiggan

    Good Job buddy!

  • gaycocks

    Oh boy the editor of a stupid website is now in charge of a fucking joke of a competition. Who fucking cares

  • Dodger


    Without people like you we might forget that for thing that might positively affect someone, there have to be assholes hiding behind anonymity because they can't live themselves so they must try to ruin everyone elses positive vibe. Thanks for sticking out like a sore thumb gaycocks, you're one such asshole. Way to go.

  • Dodger

    As for Brandon,

    Congrats, AND, perhaps this will help evolve the IGF into something even bigger and better and maybe even bring good fortune to the whole event. The whole thing has been getting bigger and bigger every year, it's going to be pretty hectic and Brandon will be pretty busy I'm sure. Either way, good luck and best wishes!

    The biggest complaints I've heard about the IGF (and GDC) is obviously the expense of it all (it's an expensive event even to attend), but the other thing was the lack of support from any of the people actually involved with the IGF. Not moral support, but person to person support, customer service kind of support. Perhaps with Brandon there will be even more friendly faces to go around and help those who are lost or confused… but mostly lost. :-)

    Anyway, cheers Brandon.

  • Chevy Ray Johnston

    Cool :D

  • Foppy

    A bit “off” topic, but the Offworld website seems to be displayed incorrectly in Firefox.

  • brandonnn

    this was basically my reaction too

  • brandonnn

    Making sure everyone spread around SF hostels & hotels (especially first-timers) are all on the same page and know where and when things are going down, and making sure someone (ie. me) is on the show floor during booth setup is something that was already discussed up front and will surely be part of my 2011 gig.

  • brandonnn

    It's not your browser: at the moment, stuff getting posted to OW is just being re-posted from the games category of Boing Boing, which has a 20px wider template, is all.

  • corpus

    Oh, cool. This must be really exciting. Congratulations, Brandon!