Coming to Consoles Near You

By: Derek Yu

On: June 3rd, 2010

Retro City Rampage

Wow. Do you guys remember Grand Theftendo (web archive), Brian Provinciano’s homebrew NES demake of Grand Theft Auto? The game first came to my attention around 2004, but dropped out of sight after a year or so, only to resurface in 2009 as an entrant in that year’s IGF! It seemed like a pretty sweet project.

Anyway, after IGF the game went back into hiding, so it comes as quite a surprise that just a few hours ago Brian’s company, Vblank Entertainment, announced Retro City Rampage for WiiWare. According to the game’s website, RCR is slated for a Fall release. More details will be released in the upcoming issue of Nintendo Power.

It just goes to show you – never give up! Who knows? Maybe someday They Came From Hollywood will even see the sunshine! (Okay, so there’s probably not enough hope in 50 million Obamas for that outcome. But we can dream.)

(Source: Tiny Cartridge)

2010 IGF Grand Prize nominee Joe Danger is arriving on PSN much sooner. Specifically, it’s coming out on June 8th (North America) and June 9th (rest of the world). Developer Hello Games had originally announced that they were looking at XBLA, PC, and PSN, but earlier this year it was revealed that the game would be a PSN exclusive.


Speaking of IGF nominees and PSN, Eufloria is also heading to the PlayStation Network in early 2011. According to Alex May, “this reboot, much of which will come as a free update to current and future owners of the game, will feature some of the things we wanted to get in the first time around but couldn’t because of pesky things like day jobs and deadlines and other such nonsense”. Sounds great! And dude quit his job to work on the game full time! Congratulations!

Oh yes, and then there’s this:


From the Fez FAQ.

  • joehonkie

    Why did you mention They Came From Hollywood? I used to be so psyched when I imagined that would ever come out. You made me all sad.

  • dude

    Damn those vectors in my pixel art!!

  • bateleur

    Joe Danger looks really, really annoying to play. It's like a level design kit for griefers! :-/

    And that Fez tease is annoying too, because I'd forgotten about Fez and now I've remembered and want to play it, but I can't.

    I can't think of an excuse to be annoyed by the other two games as yet, but I'm working on it. ;-P

  • anthonyflack

    Ha, I remember They Came From Hollywood from back when… uh, from back when I first started working on Cletus Clay, actually…

    Also: Retro City Rampage looks awesome, I'm stoked to hear the news about Eufloria, and like everybody else, I'm waiting with quiet anticipation for the delivery of Fish's baby, after a long and apparently painful labour.

  • phubans

    RCR looks like another good reason to own a Wii.

  • rz.

    but, this RCR game looks pretty tit; time to dust off the old Wii.
    really, all I ever use it for is WiiWare/VC (but then again, retail games are too much for my destitute budget)

  • BR

    Weird, just last night I checked in on the Abe status at the TCFH site. I think every six months an alarm goes off in my head and I look in on them. (Still not a peep in over a year.) Anyway, props to all you game-finishers out there.

  • Somebody

    Fez… Gold?