Announced: Journey

By: Derek Yu

On: June 15th, 2010


Looking to tap into heretofore undiscovered human emotions, Flow/Flower developer thatgamecompany announced just moments ago that it would be creating a new PS3 game based on the songs and story of the popular American rock band Journey. According to TGC President Kellee Santiago, the game takes only partial inspiration from the 1983 arcade game.

Well, actually, no, but it’s an idea that sounds pretty intriguing, nonetheless! According to the game’s press release, “the player walks, glides, and flies through a vast and awe-inspiring landscape, while discovering the history of an ancient, mysterious civilization along the way”. The game is being promoted as a unique online experience to be shared with strangers that you can meet and explore the world with. See here for the full announcement, including some more lovely screenshots. (Source: Esquar, via TIGForums)

  • allen

    It looks stunning. Shame it's PS3 only.

  • savethedinosaurs


  • Tyrone Henrie

    Where can I sell my soul to thatgamecompany?

  • Eagle0600

    I may need to get a PS3 some day soon. The number of PS3 releases on my “do want” list is growing, both indie and AAA.

  • Dinsdale

    just… wow.

    if this turns out how i imagine it right now… I dunno, this could be the best game ever as far as i am concerned.

    but jezus, 2011!? if only i had skipped this announcement, waiting is going to hurt. it would be so wonderful to not know anything about it and just have it appear on PSN store one day…

  • Derek Yu

    I'm in the exact same boat!

  • Superfly Johnson

    “tap into heretofore undiscovered human emotions”

    awesome a game about walking in a desert. this sure won't be boring

  • Superpenis

    I hate Journey so much

  • Chris

    Can't wait to get my explore on.

  • Secret Admirer

    Wait wait wait.
    These are just mockups/conceptual art? … right?

    I think my brain is in wishful thinking mode.

  • bombboy

    Nah, this is like the same visual quality as flower. Plus it has nothing in the way of brushstrokes or anything like that, only polygons. I think this is in-game art.

  • bombboy

    You're going on about people being close-minded retards when they can't imagine someone self-identificating as a woman

    But then you can't imagine this game not being boring

    Come on!

  • Squax

    This art is a game? <3

  • Dinsdale

    I knew you were trolling ALL ALONG BABY!

  • bombboy

    although “tap into heretofore undiscovered human emotions” really sounds awfully pretentiousilly, haha

    A bit ridiculous wording there.

  • phil fish

    i want you all to know that ive played this.

  • Kvalsternacka

    Attention = caught.
    thatgamecompany, I'm watching you, like a shithawk.

  • Uxtull

    Then make Spelunky port for PSN, we would gladly play both games.

  • Uxtull

    Well…, how was it?

  • Bob

    I played this before.

    It was more fun when it was called SOTC, and had big giant boss porn.

  • Dinsdale

    i was waiting for this to happen.

  • Daniel

    Reminds me a little of “Love” … At least before it turned into a shooter.

  • some guy

    This is exactly what I thought love was going to be until its creator turned out to be a lame video game nerd.

  • joco

    so no “seperate ways”?

  • Ctankep

    I really like how the Chen-man goes about designing interactions or experiences that take their cues from thoughts about human behaviour instead of just doing a reach-around for some limp mechanics. Reminds me of the approach that Yu Suzuki and Sega teams used to have towards game design: in seeking to convey a feeling or experience from real life.

    — Chuan

  • Ctankep

    Thought this as well as the themes / concerns are the same. Different branches of the same tree perhaps. Maybe its just the paucity of games which address these ideas that makes them stand out ..

    — Chuan