Desktop Dungeons v0.14

By: Derek Yu

On: June 15th, 2010

Desktop Dungeons

A new version of Desktop Dungeons has been released! Version 0.14 has a number of improvements, including a more in-depth religion system based on piety, an improved interface, new areas and other added content, an in-game tutorial, and the option to play the game at 2x scale or fullscreen. Also, I donated my tileset to the game’s creators and they were cool enough to use it as the default (check out this TIGForums thread for alternatives)! Enjoy!

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  • illisid

    Asdaf I've just finished unlocking all the characters D:

  • chrisz

    Wow I cant believe I hadnt played this before, kept thinking “just one more game” for about 2 hours O_O

  • merkwuerdigich

    “Failed to load the game data. File seems corrupted.”

  • gynomancer

    One of the best games ever made just got better – amazing!

  • PHeMoX

    Very cool game and quiet addicting too.

    Haven't quite finished a dungeon successfully yet. I take it for a true victory, all monsters must be killed?

  • dislekcia

    Nope, you just need to beat the lvl 10 “boss” for a run to count as a win :)

  • Tomelin

    “Improved interface” ? Really ? Takes me some time to actually understand what will happen if i press something. Still has those stupid particles flying all over the screen. Still have to drag the spells to scrap them, why ? Improved interface my ass.

  • joehonkie

    God I love this game. Update good!

  • MisterX

    “Better than before” doesn't necessarily have anything to do with “very good” :)

    I also think that it can still be improved a lot and I'm sure the developers are aware of that. But, it did get a little easier to understand the stats and especially handling altars and shops is more comfortable.

  • Dodger

    The best just got better! Ginormous-Awesomeness-Maximus!

  • dislekcia

    Hey, suggestions on how to improve said interface are always welcome! That's sorta why we link to things like the Wiki and the forum ;)

  • raigan

    I love this game, but I think this interface is actually more confusing than it used to be:

    -the lack of tooltip/hover info (it's moved to the right side now) means that you have to keep shifting your focus back and forth, left and right, instead of staying focused on the board (it also means that e.g you can't see your player's abilities if you're on an altar or shop.. very annoying if you're like me and forget what your class' bonuses are)

    -the “health” bar is red on the right-hand stats section, but GREEN on the board.. confusing

    I'm also finding stuff like the weird gold-bar that appears in shops to just be visually distracting rather than informative.. my gold amount is already onscreen just a bit above there, it doesn't need to be repeated like that.

    Maybe I'm just too used to the way it was, but I preferred the previous interface. The new religion system is pretty cool though! Although.. previously there was a simplicity that was sort of nice.

    Very awesome game either way.

  • Jay Sherby

    I'm I the only one who sees hitler in that screenshot above?

  • dusanvf

    haha no.

  • phubans

    Hmm, I can't seem to figure this game out… I *almost* beat a boss this time, but no dice… I can't seem to pass a level and it makes me sad that if I die or retire all my stats are lost :(

  • alastair_jack

    lol, I thought it looked familiar.

  • chrisz

    It's meant to be played in short sessions so I like that it doesnt preserve stats, there's still something satisfying about that 10 minute grind. I think gold carries from session to session.

    Regarding finishing a run, sometimes the random dungeon generator creates impossible situations. I got one game where everything was blocked off by high level mobs and I only had one level 1 I could attack with no reachable glyphs. You have to rely on luck with placement and the spells you get sometimes which kind of sucks but keeps each run fresh I guess. The monster spawn spell is really good when you need that xp to get to 10 if you havent been using that.

  • phubans

    Ah, thanks for the tips… I did manage to beat a couple dungeons and unlocked a rogue and a berserker… As well as the snake pit. It's a charming little game. For some reason, it reminds me of an RPG version of Minesweeper.

  • Mozz

    Why do wizards have to be so difficult!?

  • Groogokk


  • Matt Thorson

    Fuck I'm addicted again

  • Dodger

    Ya same here, time to join DD Anonymous!

  • joehonkie

    I think this actually got easier…or maybe I got better than when I started the last one.

    I do miss the tooltips, though.

  • Dodger

    Honest, I could do without the tooltips but you're not the only person to comment on that feature. So I think an easy way to completely satisfy everyone would be to include an option at the start screen that allows you to select whether tooltips are on or off. I found the playable tutorial good enough to set me up (even though I've already been playing the game for a while now). The one thing that does help is the new religion / piety system. It's far more understandable and a little less mysterious (and dangerous) to worship a particular god now. It makes more sense over.

    So hopefully the option to select whether tooltips are on or off will be integrated into the next update because I'd still like them to be left off but this is also the type of game that everyone can and should play, so if the tooltips make playing it that much easier then please satisfy the masses! This game is worth it!

  • raigan

    I sort of thought that the mystery surrounding the gods was pretty fun, it was like potions in other roguelikes, but played out across multiple games: you gradually discovered through trial&error what the rules for each god are.

  • John McGreddy

    It's definitely hitler

  • Steelraining

    I just found a minute to update my old tileset for the new v1.14. Go grab It here:

  • PHeMoX

    I see, well, I haven't succeeded at that just yet, this is mad challenging. But also comfortably addictive.

    To be honest, I still can't believe the awesome simplicity behind this game, it's near-perfect without ever getting too easy to play.