BIGJam 2010

By: Terry

On: July 3rd, 2010

BIGJam 2010 tickets now available

[Guest announcement by Corpus]

Tickets are now available for BIGJam 2010. Get them here.

Set in the lovely environs of St. Oberholz café in Berlin’s Mitte district, BIGJam features rapid-fire themed jamming sessions, presentations on intriguing topics by ready and willing attendees (hint hint), and a range of pleasant social interactions, including (but by no means limited to) an incredibly enticing afterparty. If you’re a programmer, designer, musician or artist, get yourself down.

We had people coming from all over Europe last time — in fact, there was even an American presence — so, you know, let’s try to do even better this year. Know anyone from the other five continents? Rope them in. Extra points for ‘residents’ of Antarctica.

Take a gander at the TIGForums thread for more info.

  • 2lik

    Got 4 tickets! It's going to be awesome!

  • qubodup

    Are you that big? O_o

    I'm in as well btw :)

  • 2lik

    Nah, I'm compact and I plan to bring in 2 Eastern European teams to Jam!

  • Robert

    Thanks, Terry!

  • esq

    Sold out!

  • defacid

    I'll be 18 next year. I plan to go to at least one Euro-jam and as many USA-jams as I can afford then. :D

    Right now I'm still under the power of my mom, who believes that all of you are rapists. :)

  • Morten

    too late. :(

  • Mark P0rter

    Ticket Type: Jammeur

    wtf is a Jammeur. ive looked in a french dictionary and it seems like it isnt french either so no clue what that means

    also a crying shame its already sold out. doesnt seem like there was a lot of space. i think its just a shame you cant really go there and have a fun time.

    “We had people coming from all over Europe last time” seems like one for each country MAX because seriously the fact its already sold out. you know there would be more space on my rest room but oh well shame would have liked to go

  • corpus

    A jammeur is a jammer (one who jams) with an extra “u” inserted in order to make it look vaguely French, for no reason other than a moment's whim. Because, you know, this is European shit.

    I don't really know what you mean when you say that “its just a shame you cant really go there and have a fun time”. You appear to be implying some sort of causal/logical relationship to the preceding sentence (concerning the lack of space), but I confess that I have no idea what that might be.

    Are you suggesting that there would be space for more than 30 people in (or, I suppose, upon) your rest room? If so — given that you clearly live in some sort of mansion — why aren't you hosting any jams in your own home? It would make everything a lot easier for us.