By: Derek Yu

On: July 23rd, 2010

Streemerz - mak gam

Glen “Radix” Forrester and Arthur “Mr. Podunkian” Lee have announced mak gam, their new game studio. This announcement coincides with their release of the FlashPunk version of Streemerz, a platformer based on the Action 52 game of the same name. Streemerz was created for Mr. Podunkian’s Action 52 project, where various developers sign up to create games based on the infamous Action 52 multi-game cart for the NES. As of writing, 20 of the 52 action-packed “gams” have been finished, and I believe there are still spots open if you want to participate (full list here).

In Streemerz you play as the lovable-but-misguided proletariat Superb Joe, who is out to topple the benevolent dictatorship of Master Y. Superb Joe is armed with a grappling hook (or “streemer”) which allows him to swing around and make his way through the flying fortress of Master Y. Like Bionic Commando, which the game parodies, the character is unable to jump and can only use his streemer to leave the ground.

As to be expected from Mr. Podunkian, who created the unofficial theme song for TIGSource, the dialogue in Streemerz is funny and filled with references to game developers whom he admires, like Phil Fish, the co-creator of Fez and GAMMA. The mechanics of swinging around are quite enjoyable, too, and the levels are well-designed, with each level introducing new obstacles to overcome. Checkpoints are placed pretty generously and allow the player to respawn indefinitely, but Streemerz is challenging and bases much of your score on how quickly you complete each level (there are also money bonuses placed in tough spots or hidden throughout the game). A variety of modes increase the game’s replay value, including a mode that parodies the popular platformer VVVVVV and playfully insults its creator, Terry Cavanaugh Cavanagh.

Overall, I have to recommend Streemerz for its challenging level design and humorous story, although I found myself gravitating more towards the game’s main villain, the handsome and well-meaning Master Y, rather than the protagonist, Superb Joe, who seemed to have little motivation other than a disregard for authority and penchant for recklessness. Although it’s unclear whether Master Y represents a particular person or whether he’s simply a metaphor for raw power and sexuality (at one point the player is warned not to “touch Master Y’s balls”, which are large and cause immediate destruction), its obvious that, to the creators, this is a dynamic and awe-inspiring personality who successfully drives the indie video games scene with the charisma of Hitler and the luxury of 80’s glam metal. In any case, playing the game made me horny as fuck. Check it out.

TIGdb: Entry for Streemerz
Playthrough: Ortoslon (downloadable version)

  • Jan Willem Nijman

    go home kids, the war is over

  • SlySecretSpyStealthSaboteur

    I am an agent of Master Y and Dr. Tary.
    “Project Spoil Surprise” is a GO.

    (real name not provided to avoid incessant cameos in future makgam projects)

  • Arthur Lee

    gck… y… you mean??? you mean people can see REALLY BLURRY PICTURES of a game i'll be TEASING IN THE NEXT COUPLE OF DAYS ANYWAYS… … k… kuso!!!! you'll pay!!!!

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