By: Derek Yu

On: August 12th, 2010

Solipskier by Mikengreg

Mike Boxleiter and Greg Wohlwend (aka Mikengreg) have released a wonderful new game, called Solipskier. In Solipskier, you use your mouse to paint snow on the screen for a little guy to ski on. The skier will build up speed on downslopes and can perform jumps over gaps in the snow. The goal of the game is to obtain a highscore by skiing through gates and catching air to build up your multiplier.

It takes a while to learn how to build up speed effectively, but once you get going fast, it’s blissful (gotta love it when the heavy metal turns into wind as your headphones fly off). Solipskier is a very polished game, which is not surprising, considering that Mikengreg also worked on Fig. 8, Effing Hail, and Dinowaurs as part of the Intuition Games collective. But in my opinion, this is their most enjoyable release yet.

Solipskier is also available on the iPhone and iPad for $2.99.

TIGdb: Entry for Solipskier

  • hyrx

    There's a Chopin prelude up in this bitch.

  • Zgrt

    Word, that's Prelude No. 20, yo.

  • Syrion

    For some reason the screenshot makes this game look spontaneously uninteresting. That's actually the reason why I've only given it a try a now. And “it” is pretty much the best flash addiction since Robot Unicorn Attack! Play this!

  • SirNiko

    It makes me sad when the headphone comes off and the music ends. I'm left skiing to the sounds of the wind.

    I'd have preferred if somehow the music kicks back in once you break your combo or your speed drops back down below 70ish.

  • Phubans

    Usually I'm highly critical of everything, especially indie games… But this… This is gold.

  • Darkebrz

    This is game has exactly the kind of arcadelike addictive and repetitive gameplay flash games should have.
    Highscore so far is about 7 million.

  • ElVaquero

    I can't wait for this to come out on Android. NEED NOW. looks like a keeper

  • Badger

    This is an addictive, cerebral experience. Well done guys! ~Badger

  • Ryan Szrama

    Wonderful game – gonna have to play it with a mouse to hear more of the game music and less of the death music.

  • JGuy

    Don't bother trying to play in Internet Explorer; You'll be redirected to the iTunes page for the game. I'm no IE fan, but that's pretty low. Devs, if you have such hate of draconian company practices, why publish on the IPHONE of all places? Or if it's simply hatred for IE, you should know it's much improved. Thankfully, these aren't the days of IE6 any more.

    I use Firefox, btw. I just think the redirect is petty.

  • Vania

    There's many paths to explore, not all flash games need to be casual mini-games.

  • Zaphos

    Really? I just tried loading it up in IE and it didn't give me a redirect … it was a special ie-specific page but it included the game on it.

    (I love the game btw!)

  • aeiowu

    yea we changed it. :)

  • PhasmaFelis

    That's good. The shittiness of IE is no excuse for poor cross-browser support.

  • Dusty Spur

    9.98 million is my high score

    you bastards couldn't just give me the last .02 million could you???

  • aeiowu

    i'm not sure about that, actually…

  • mike

    no, we're cruel like that :)

  • anthonyflack

    It's simple, it works, it rules.

    Chopin was clearly influenced by Ghosts n Goblins on the c64 though.

  • PhasmaFelis

    Eh, I don't wanna be too hard on Mikengreg since they fixed it, but I'm a web designer. In this industry, failing to test a professional website on the major browsers is plain laziness and incompetence, and drives away customers. I can't see that deliberately crippling a game on a platform you don't personally like is any better. And it would have to be deliberate, since Flash is cross-platform. It's just as silly as redirecting Windows users would be.

  • Yourmom


  • YourMOM

    Too many …'s in your comment.

    I give your comment 1/5. Try harder next time.

  • Rz.berry

    So fucking good, I'm addicted.

  • JimmySH

    Cool game mechanics in this, I'd guess it's near perfect for iPhone. On PC it might've been cool to paint gaps instead of snow, but I think it plays pretty good as it is too.

  • Stryguy

    High Score 25,101,682! This game is crazy wicked! Did it in a minute 28 too!