Grow Valley

By: Derek Yu

On: August 30th, 2010

Grow Valley by Eyezmaze

Eyezmaze has released another charming “Grow” game! Grow Valley is the sequel to Grow Island, which was created to introduce prospective students to the curriculum of Shibaura Institute of Technology. Valley introduces a fast-forward feature to the series, which is a welcome addition (as charming as the animations are, it can get a little tedious watching them over and over again).

For those new to the Grow series, they’re simple puzzle games that you solve by clicking panels in the right order. It sounds dull, but the games are actually quite creative and fun to play. By studying the interactions between the panels you can usually narrow down what the correct solution is.

TIGdb: Entry for Grow Valley

  • Lega669

    Awesome! Now to spend hours (perhaps not THAT long) clicking things in random orders and watching splendid animations pop up about, then finding the right way to do it somewhere online. I love Grow games; so simple yet so enjoyable! :D

  • Tim Holt

    Awesome little games that actually include real educational/career oriented information. The “Serious Games” space could learn a lot from this game.

  • Rich Vreeland

    phew! took me about 90 minutes to figure out the combination. helps to take notes! haha

  • Remy Pollen

    Man, that ending is effing epic!

  • Kyo

    Very nice as usual..

    Don't forget to check out the secret ending guys.

  • Bronzedog

    I love the Grow series. Nice and wholesome without being boring in the least. It's always fun to find out a good combination and see what the little fellas build as a result.

  • Laura

    I love Eyemaze games… come to think of it, the first indie game I ever really played might have been Tontie (many years ago). Thanks for letting us know, I'm gonna go check it out!

  • Winterous

    I got the all max one, is that what you meant?

    Correct order is:
    Design, Architectual, Electrics, Mechanical, Maths, Chemical, Life.

    Found it myself ^^

  • Mike Hunt

    So that's what it was! I just could not resign myself to NOT do Electrics as #1, since it levels up pretty reliably.

  • Kyo

    No dude, that's the normal ending. = )

    You'll know when you found the other one, it's quite weird.. Just try to make the valley as retrograde as possible.

  • ashton bahnmiller

    I suggest that you look up the pattern for the secret ending, because there's no way you'll get it without dumb luck. I guess that's why they call it a secret ending, though.

  • Winterous

    That's awesome!

  • Winterous