The Weekly Report #1

By: Paul Eres

On: September 6th, 2010

This is a new feature where I’ll be covering ten notable releases and newly posted games in production of the past week. A couple of people suggested I call this “The Eres Report” but it’s really just as much Ortoslon, who suggested most of the games here. These are all good games so try them all out, the numbering is just in the order of my preference. I’ll also include a weekly classic (2+ years old) game that was never covered in TIGSource.

#1 – Shoot 3. By Erik Leppen (ByteAlity). Like many of Erik’s games, this one has superb controls and particle effects, and despite lo-fi graphics like the ship sprite feels very solid and polished. One of the best shmups I’ve played this year, although, like the other games in his Shoot series, it intentionally starts off slow and builds up, with a gradual increase in frenzy. [Windows]

#2 – Hubris. A platformer by shushgame. The game doesn’t look like much from the screenshot, but it is. 30 levels, most invisible. The platforming itself is standard, this game just tests how well you can do it despite various visual impairments. It also uses the “narrator taunts the player and keep secrets from the player” motif that some other games have used, like Loved, Seven Minutes, and Portal. Also has a ‘skip level’ feature, although using it may have an effect on the ending. [Windows/Mac]

#3 – Seasons with Thomas. By Vectorpark. Graphics and style are similar to their other games (such as Feed the Head and Windosill) so if you enjoyed those you’d probably enjoy this. This game has even less of a puzzle element than those games, with nothing getting in the way of your progress through the seasons of the year at all. Very nice effects and environmental interactions. If you’ve never played a Vectorpark game before this would be a good start. [Flash]

#4 – Avoidal. Made by Hybrid Mind games for the Ludum Dare 18 (theme: Enemies as Weapons). Avoid touching anything, and pull the small red dots into the mines (they are attracted to the player). Or move in front of the spikes if they line up with a mine for x5 points. Both Ortoslon and myself are currently in the top 10 in its high score list. [Flash]

#5 – The Hive. Adventure-platform game by titusthreex for the sixth YoYo Games competition, reminiscent of Iji, Shadow Complex, and Metroid. You go through a map collecting new power-ups and upgrades, gradually opening access to new areas. Has an auto-save feature. Not available in full screen mode however, so you’ll probably need to manually reduce your screen resolution to see anything. A fairly lengthy and polished game for a freeware contest entry, will probably take at least three hours to complete. [Windows]

#6 – “pig based space game”. This game by RedProdukt is too new to even have a title yet, but basically your ship moves in orbits around other ships and has to protect it from missles; hold space to expend fuel to speed up, and press space on a circle junction to shift to a neighboring circle. [Windows]

#7 – Special Agent Bunnet vs Doctor Dishwater. By DavidN. This is a timed ‘spot the differences’ game using symbols (abstract symbols, letters, numbers). I found it pretty good as an exercise or test of one’s ability to quickly spot differences, but I wish it were a bit longer and harder; it’s a test of a skill not tested in most other games. Took me 11:20 to complete; the time it took you to complete the game goes on a high score chart. [Flash]

#8 – Cloud Control. Made by Glen Forrester of Mak Gam. A puzzle game about clouds. You start each stage as a single white cloud, and the goal is to collect all the white clouds while avoiding touching the storm clouds. But once connected, clouds form rigid shapes, making it harder to collect the remaining white clouds without touching the storm ones. Like his previous game Enough Plumbers, the latter puzzles quickly get tricky. [Flash]

#9 – Fish Fish Bang Bang (demo). By Rob Fearon (Oddbob). Press space to reverse your direction; the game “plays itself”, but to get a higher score avoid killing fish until they are close. Made for Indie Kombat in a battle against Farbs. In Indie Kombat, two indie developers make games containing elements of their opponent’s previous games; the audience voting determines the winner (the current Indie Kombat is a three-way battle between ChevyRay, MrPodunkian, and SophieH). [Windows]

#10 – The Myth of Sisyphus. By Allen. Although indie games based on this myth are not new, this one is in 3D. Like its predecessor for the OHRRPGCE, the only way to exit the game is Alt+F4. But why would you want to do that? “The struggle itself… is enough to fill a man’s heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.” [Windows/Mac]

Classic of the Week – Winged Gear. By ZAP. Released in 2005, this is a classic indie arena shmup. Five lengthy areas, each a series of small rooms which must be cleared of enemies before you can progress (within a time limit). There’s also a two-player mode. This is an excellent game all-around: nice music, little subtleties like alternate paths and collected point objects giving higher point values the “fresher” they are. You can play in windowed mode by adding -w to the game’s command line. [Windows]

  • rinkuhero

    since this is the first week for a new thing, please let me know about any suggestions/problems you have regarding this idea

  • Mark Johns

    Cool. It'd be nice to note the platform for each game (in case of intermixing downloadbles and web games).

  • rinkuhero

    hmm, good idea, didn't think of that

  • allen

    How embarrassing, I spelled Sisyphus wrong.

  • rinkuhero

    hahaha, all fixed now anyway, nobody will know (unless they read these comments)

  • Austinbreed

    I dig it!

  • Tyrone Henrie

    Great idea! Now… to check out these games.

  • Dodger

    Hey great work Paul! That's a lot of good coverage, I'm gonna check each of these out over the next few days!


  • Derek Yu

    Hell yes, Paul!

    Just a couple formatting suggestions from me.

    1. It's pretty tall with all those games, so it might be best to put everything after #5 after a jump.

    2. Video looks quite strange squashed and left-aligned, imo. I'd prefer it if videos were simply displayed above the text, at normal width.

    3. Categories: Community, Features / Tags: WeeklyReport (so it's easy to see all the reports)

  • rinkuhero

    good ideas, will do

    but i don't really like the idea of putting the video above all the text since it's sort of an addendum/appendix to include a classic game along with the list (the main feature should be the 10 new games), so perhaps the vid could be at the bottom of the text but at normal size, below the cut

  • eva

    :( wheres the eres report :(

  • fartron

    The Eres/Zubkov Report

  • fartron

    The Eres/Zubkov Report

  • xot

    Nice work, Paul. Ambitious, too. I think you hit just the right level of detail in your write-ups.

  • moi

    Hey Paul. Are you, married with ortolon?

  • eva

    they like russian brothers..

  • Xhunterko

    The correct title for davidN's game is:
    Special Agent Bunnet vs Doctor Dishwater

    Just wanted to point that out.

  • Robotslave

    Ten interesting indie games per week seems ludicrously ambitious, from where I stand.

    For reference, I stand in the sparsely populated region marked on one side by “I've seen this game a thousand times before” and on the other by “you know, I do need to have an actual game, and I'm really partial to the ones where it's been fleshed out to more than just a few screens of concept, yet still has compelling gameplay throughout.”

    I think that's maybe three a month, tops; I'd be so happy to be wrong, but if you're going to try to cram 10 games a week down my (sophisticated, discerning, yet market-savvy) gullet every week, I'm a-gonna call bullshit on you.

    I think maybe you should just do a weekly “awsome indie games” thing, instead of trying to make a quota.

  • allen

    the number forces him to pick out the best/most interesting (or what he thinks are the best/most interesting) out of a rather large pool of recent games. As one would guess, there are quite a lot more than ten games released weekly and to cover them all would take too much time and effort. Putting a self-imposed quota of ten is a great way to deal with that.

    And he's not cramming anything down your throat. He gives you a decent description of each game along with a screen-shot, you can make your own decision if you want to play them or not. Fuck, I swear, post too little games and people complain. Post too many and people complain. Never ending with you people sometimes.

  • rinkuhero

    thanks, will fix

  • rinkuhero

    robotslave, there are literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of indie games released every week; if you think we can't find 10 that you think are worth playing among that many, your standards are probably too high, especially considering that most of these games are being made for you for free

  • bateleur

    This is a really good idea!

  • r.kachowski

    nice one! tigsource definitely needs this

  • ortoslon
  • rinkuhero

    so uh did anyone play any of these games yet, or have anything to say 'bout the games? don't just comment on the idea, comment on the games too!

  • Carrotreader

    I like this post, but 10 games a week is a lot, especially when its all in one posting! I dont know, but I think it could be wise to spread out these reviews a little, because honestly I now I only read the ones that appeal to me the most by their one thumbnail, whereas otherwise I would read them all if they were spread out in multiple postings troughout the week.

  • Tyrone Henrie

    I played the pig based space game. Very pretty and potentially very fun. I would like it better if I could determine the outcome of success better, right now it seems that in order to survive you have to hope for a good powerup. Maybe tweaking how the boosts work because in order to build your boost, you have to switch nodes which also potentially removes you from where you need to be to cause damage. I was thinking maybe tapping the switch when not near a node would switch directions. Then you could feel a bit more like you're in control.

    Ah, now I have to go and post this in the actual feedback thread. I see what you did there Paul…

  • chris_b

    Seasons with Thomas is lovely!

    The description and screenshot don't really do it justice, but anything more would be a bit of a spoiler because the fun is in discovering various stuff at your own pace.

  • lopho

    hope: maybe linux tags as well ? /hope

  • PixelProspector

    great work paul!
    didn't knew many of them…
    just tested shoot 3 and have to say it is pretty good!

  • cactus

    14% of these comments are about the games, 86% are about the fact that the list of games were posted. Maybe it'd be better with ten separate smaller posts posted with short intervals?

    Very nice effort, though. And perhaps next time the focus of the comments will shift…

  • rinkuhero

    none of these are for linux though (except the ones that are flash which can be played on anything that plays flash)

  • rinkuhero

    possibly, but it could just be because the list idea is new. let's see how it is in a few weeks.

  • rinkuhero

    yep, all of these are nice but it'll probably be shoot 3 that i go back to and play again the most in the future

  • rinkuhero

    i think if you hold space starting on a non-junction part you can speed up without switching circles

  • rinkuhero

    that's kind of impossible, i don't have the time to give 10 games a full review each week, whereas i do have the time to give 10 games a mini-review of a paragraph each week.

  • Carrotreader

    Nah, I think these little paragraphs you wrote are enough to deserve their own post, especially if each game gets a bigger image with that posting. Anyway, it was just a suggestion really, I think it is great that you are doing this, regardless of how its formatted/posted! Thanks :)

  • Pyabo

    I think Robotslave has a good point… But it's not that there aren't enough worthy titles to feature, it's that featuring 10 titles a week is a big task. That's a lot of work every week.

  • rinkuhero

    i think that even separating them out like that would be a lot more work than just posting them all at once, and plus it'd lose the appeal of a weekly top 10 round-up type thing.

    i also wouldn't feel right giving an entry its own post unless i went more into depth, it'd feel like cheating to write that little, whereas it doesn't feel as bad if there are 10 games in one.

    besides, if you want a blog that gives short posts about a lot of games, that's what and DIY games already do. i don't want to just do the same things they do, otherwise there's nothing special about what i do.

  • rinkuhero

    it isn't really a lot of work comparatively, writing this post up took me 10 hours or so at most, because i didn't have to go into as much detail as i usually would.

    writing 10 individual entries would take far more time, as individual posts usually take me on average 6-8 hours to write (i'm including the time it takes to play through the game a few times, to take screenshots, to upload screenshots, to format the post, etc., not just the time it takes to write it; the writing is the easiest part).

  • Gnome

    Absolutely fantastic idea this report. Really!

  • Nektonico

    Seasons with Thomas is freaking beautiful;
    technically impressive too

  • lopho

    but maybe in future reports……