By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: October 1st, 2010

“Just like lemonade, but with explosions,” Explosionade is the latest action romp from Nathan Fouts (Mommy’s Best Games), creator of Grapple Buggy, Shoot 1UP, Weapon of Choice, and more.

Due for XBLIG this coming Monday, Explosionade features Nathan’s usual (impressive) level of polish: two player co-op, online leader boards, destructible terrain, not to mention his trademark, sickly art style, which I’ve grown quite fond of. And it’s only 80 MS points — $1 USD! Not a bad way to start October, eh?

  • kYn

    Are those the Metal Slug's explosion animations or am I just paranoid?

  • http://twitter.com/beemicksee Brandon McCartin

    Haha, no, not paranoid. The site reads, “Hand-drawn, SILKY-SMOOTH effect animations just like Mom used to make! (If your mom was SNK)” so… yeah. I'm guessing he used them as reference at least.

  • David

    It looks like the Metal Slug heavy machine gun too

  • kYn

    Well, at least they're learning from the best. And I wish my mom was SNK.

  • Madrid Dibs

    Brandon McCartin has returned! JOY!

  • http://twitter.com/beemicksee Brandon McCartin

    Heh, yep. Testing the waters. The new TIGS back-end is SO much better, though — really should've gotten used to it sooner! :)

  • rinkuhero

    mommy's best games is really the best xblig developer, by far. nobody else even comes close

  • http://roachpuppy.com chrisz

    Hmm thats not really fair (the “no one comes close” part)… There's quite a few games on there that are just as polished and more original (no offense to them). Lumi, Leave Home, Beat Hazard, the Arakedo games… Yes theres a lot of crap on there but diamonds in the rough, etc.

  • rinkuhero

    i've actually tried all of those games and far prefer mommy's best's over those, but it's up to taste i guess. but of course it's not 'fair', preferences aren't supposed to be fair. it's just that i've played millions of games like the ones you mentioned, so they seem old and boring to me, whereas mommy's best's continuously surprise and impress me with their style

  • Mike Hunt

    Also Metal Slug flashing bombs…makes me wonder how much of the graphics is ripped.

  • http://jforcegames.com Jeremy Eden

    Most people give that title to James Silva. And Radian Games is arguably better than MBG too. Also Silver Dollar might be the second most profitable dev on the service (after Silva). But MBG is definitely up there, top 3 at least.

  • anthonyflack

    That was my first thought also.

  • Jk

    All of the explosion effect are directly ripped from the Metal slug games… is that really legal?

  • Aaa

    is the video in slow motion?