Trailers: Platform Heaven

By: Derek Yu

On: October 17th, 2010




There are too many good indie games coming out. T_T

  • Adam Harries

    If only I had an XBox *sniff*

    Oh well. At least I can play the original flash.

  • AGuy

    it's coming out for pc/wiiware too, if you mean smb

  • DAud

    SMB's coming to PC, Mac and Wii next month. Can't wait.

  • Andrea Portale

    There's no such thing as “too many good indie games coming out.” ^_^

  • Phubans

    I want to eat all of these and feel their delicious, crystalline pixels shattering on my teeth in an explosion salty-sweetness.

  • Tesselode

    I like the ending of the Super Meat Boy trailer. :P

  • Adam Harries

    Brilliant! I didn't know about pc, I knew about wii though…

  • Razz

    Fez – WHEN IT'S DONE

    Well damn hahaha

  • PhasmaFelis

    So is Super Crate Box gonna be freeware, or moneycost like the other two? I can't find anything either way.

  • Kyo

    Make climbing in Fez a bit faster.

    Also, pc or gtfo. Seriously.

  • Rttdf5

    I HAVE FOUND AN OPINION TO SAY: Platform games are fun sometimes, not my favourite type of game though. I wish people started making a bigger variety of games rather than ACTION games with CUTE PIXELATED CHARACTERS and perhaps even REFERENCES TO OTHER STUFF. Of course platform games are in some respects easier to make than for example, RPGs and they are a tried and tested genre and all, but it seems to be becoming somewhat crowded in the special room for platform game characters. And soon that room will run out of room. And on that day those platform characters will begin to inhabit the bodies of the recently deceased.

  • Jo-Remi Madsen

    Super meat boy is insta buy :-D Damn that commercial is great!

  • BaronBalloon

    Fez looks more awesome every time i see it…

  • Blake

    these games look great, but nobody loves me

  • ramiismail

    Super Crate Box is going to be freeware.

  • Dodger

    All of these look great! Can't wait for SMB. Super Crate Box looks pretty frantic as well, and Fez just looks charming. Thankfully I'll be able to get my hands on SMB next month for the Wii, but is Fez still in the “Duke Nukem Forever” developing stage?

    “Shake it baby”

  • PHeMoX

    Not sure if its posted here already, but Tim Langdell was thrown out of the IDGA haha, lol.

  • Squax

    I want to hold off for the PC version, but it looks pretty awesome!

  • Razz

    That has already been addressed in the forums. So far Phill says no, but I agree that he could probably make it a BIT faster without ruining the effect he was going for.

  • Snow

    Cool 90's commercial, but Super Meatboy.. meh.

  • esq

    PC november 20th-ish, then Wii, depending on when Nintendo feels like it, then Mac.

  • Guest

    SMB looks good, but having grown up in the 80's and 90's, I'm not sure what's supposed to make it a “90's commercial”

    Unless you take the view that all 90's commercials were annoying and overly long, I guess.

  • Mike Hunt

    In my opinion it was a damn good try, although I think it tried too hard. What would have made it for me would have been if they had put in SEGA! at the end (or is it XBOX!?).
    Wow that was a long and horrible sentence.

  • Mrhbomb9

    sounds like a really awesome premise… FOR A PLATFORM GAME

  • Manki

    I bet it will be just as awesome on the way out.

  • Manki

    Action Replay for fez and your problems are solved.

  • Mike Hunt

    No, plartform game.

  • Guest

    Still, the old SEGA! commercials were better than that. This went on too long and had too many cheesy effects. Rather reminds me of any number of bad commercials for local haunted houses that crop up this time of year.

    Better than I could do, though, I guess. Looking forward to SMB! And Fez… [drool]

  • WobbleWahoo

    This isn't like a 90's ad at all.

    It's just bad.

    I am going to buy it though just because the creator told me every single game is bad except Super Meat Boy even though it's a really shitty Flash game that shouldn't cost any money.

    It also says funny 4chan memes and since I am 11 I can appreciate that.

    I am also a fucking retard

  • Razz



  • Razz

    o u

  • WobbleWahoo

    Thanks for the 4chan response. I guess you are gonna buy it too. We should play it together.

    Is there multiplayer.

    Flash games usually don't have multiplayer.

  • Razz


  • Manki

    It's ganna be ok, Wobble. Shhhhh

  • WobbleWahoo

    It's gonna be absolutely fucking perfect, not just ok. Go to Newgrounds you stupid shit, look at the advertisement. This is the god damn game of the year. The mainstream just fucking lost it, Meat Boy knows exactly what the gaming public wants. Flash games.I am so fucking happy I can throw money down on this instead of playing it in my browser, we have come so far, I am so fucking happy, I am going to open Flash right now and make MY indie game, and I know I can make a ton of money and probably even become game of the year. Thank you Meat Boy, I am glad Flash games are now better than regular games.

    I guess, I mean I haven't played it yet but IGN told me it's good.

    Also I'm a fucking retard.

  • Advancedcaveman

    Is there ever going to be a point where people who play and/or make video games are going to develop an actual sense of humour? One that doesn't involve simply making hollow references to nerd shit?

    This video seemed funny until it starts going “Hur hur hur are you a bad enough dude to rescue your girlfriend? Did you guys get it? We made a reference to the fact that Bad Dudes exists! That's the whole joke! Did you get it? You see it's funny because we pointed out something that you as a nerd are aware of! Isn't that hilarious and amusing? We can't think beyond video games and the internet!”

    The game itself is absolutely full of this sort of snivelling, shitty, internet dipshit, reference based humor and it is just horrendous. It's not a bad game, but the developers should just be beaten senseless for this kind of crap.

  • Tingertan

    It has a 9.4 overall so far with critics.

    So I am going to assume they paid some people off since there's nothing special about it at all. It's a Flash game except on the 360 for a shitload of money.

  • Razz

    So uhh … lol

    Anyway, played the demo for SMB — it was really really fun. Gotta say, awesome job Team Meat! I'll definitely buy the full game when I have the money :)

  • Franksticky

    Meta score of 92… yeah its a shit game for idiots…

  • Derpeldinger

    SMB: I too, will “buy” the full game once it hits pc.
    Fez: unless it comes to pc so I can “buy” it, I don't care in the slightest.

  • Klabelkholosh

    oh for heavens sake. SMB is fun, well-made and pretty much a distillation of the best platforming mechanics. it's frustrating at times but once you beat a level you get a tiny shot of endorphinous joy. it's a timed endorphin generator. please don't kill me for quoting nietzsche, but.. “What is happiness? The feeling that power increases – that resistance is being overcome”. It feels good to get better at this game!

  • Greg_serg

    When i played MB flash version, i was a sceptic and i actually slated the game in review because i thought the controls were a bit crap.

    HOWEVER, i picked up SMB and its brilliant, its so polished and its just plain FUN.

    props edmund!
    GO BUY IT!!!!

  • Guest

    It reminds me of the commercial for megaman 10, which is a bad thing. Next thing I know they'll be advertising an easy mode as a good thing too.

  • Ugon2

    Super Meat Boy is really well made. I like the really simple graphics because it is a statement about how games don't need to look good to be fun. The gameplay is pure genius, I never thought about it before, why does a platformer honestly need anything to it? Running and jumping should be it. Super Mario Bros. pisses me off because it had power-ups. Kiddy bullshit. I also can appreciate all the game references to make, because if you reference a game I like, I will associate that game with your game and love it just as much.

    To be honest I wasn't going to buy it, I mean it didn't look special to me. I am glad people told me about it though and shoved it down my throat, now I love it! It even has my favorite indie all-stars like Gish! I never heard of Gish before but they're an all-star I guess. All the music is really good too, the three songs I've only heard so far after playing for maybe a day. For $15 this game is a steal. hell I would pay $60 for it. It's ranked higher than $60 games right now so it's totally worth that much to me.

    I really love how challenging it can be too. Like sometimes you have to do something pixel perfect and then you slip into traps because the controls are really slippery and jumping isn't very responsive. Controls that sort of work but not always really add to the challenge. It's so brilliant and polished of a game, it makes me almost forget it was made in Flash, although the cutscenes sure help, as well as most graphics in the game.

    This and VVVVVV are the best platformers in the past ten years. I don't like it when games have too much to their gameplay. Power-ups are really confusing, and same with using more than two buttons. If Super Meat Boy had any more to its gameplay than it already does, it would suck. The magic comes from how it has nothing to it at all, and for that it is brilliant. It makes a deep point about the game industry and how nobody understands how to make games except for Team Meat, at least that is what they told me on their blog. See games usually have artificial difficulty, giving you lives and shit. What is that crap? A game should be hard because the levels require absolute perfection, not because you only have a few chances to play through a game. I want 300 levels of trial and error, not a few really well designed levels that focus on the gameplay elements that are there and are skill based. Graphics don't need to look good, and Super Meat Boy just proves it. I can tell they only spent maybe a day drawing everything for the game, but that's okay! It's called style? Hello?

    All and all, Super Meat Boy is the best game I have ever played in my entire life, and if TIGSource and Newgrounds aren't shoving this game down your throat enough, then do not worry, I am here to do it too. We can all do it, spread the word! I am also looking to Fez because it also makes use of just one gimmick, and that is all I need in a game.These games are indie gaming at its finest. Cave Story? GAY Story. It had WAY too much to it and it also didn't remind me enough that it was an indie game. Super Meat Boy constantly pushes it on me that it is an indie game, and for that I can appreciate it. If I didn't know it was an indie game I probably wouldn't ever play it, but just because it is I am going to play it daily and convince all my friends to spend their money on it so Team Meat can make their next game. Here's a suggestion for Super Meat Boy 2, please remove running. I don't like that there are TWO gimmicks in this game. Wall-jumping AND running? It's an overload.

    If you hate this game you probably suck at it? Probably. There's a lot here for $15, 300 whole levels! 20+ hours of gameplay! Those 20 hours are spent on levels that are all exactly the same but still, that's a lot of play time! Giant Bomb even says you may never beat this game, and that is a sign of a good game. Overall, Super Meat Boy gets an 11/5. Indie gaming gold.

    Also I'm a fucking idiot.

  • WobbleWahoo

    Metascore is all I need to judge a game. God Hand is awful.

  • TheWeirdMusician

    It should say “Product of the USDA”, retro never looked so good.

  • Yup

    I am angry about indie games and I am going to make a really long comment about it grrr!!

  • PhasmaFelis

    I don't understand why people who hate everything posted on TIGsource keep reading it.

    It's like if I read some football blog and constantly ranted about them posting stupid meathead jock shit all the time.

  • PhasmaFelis

    In Metacritic's defense, God Hand is awful.

  • PhasmaFelis

    I have this theory that Blake, WobbleWahoo, and Ugon2 are actually the same person.