IGF 2011 Entrants Announced

By: Derek Yu

On: October 21st, 2010

IGF 2011

The entrants for the Independent Games Festival 2011 have been announced! This year there are a whopping 391 entries. As a fun reference, the number of entries for 2010-2007 were 306, 224, 173, and 143, respectively. Exciting stuff.

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  • Kinten

    Well, that's a couple of games. Let's make a “400 in one” cartridge.

  • http://twitter.com/celluloseman Evan Balster

    They sure have.

  • http://nostalgium.com Roo

    Evan, what do you mean by that? You're right though.

  • Sergio

    Several of these games are 5-6 years old! These are not the entries I expected. I'll be interested to see what happens to Cave Story…

  • GC

    I was kind of surprised to see Flywrench on there, but now I know about the whole Flywrench overhaul/expansion thing, so I am happy.

  • Invisible Wonder

    Yeah, it's like indie games are going mainstream. There's heavyweights like Minecraft and Cave Story versus complete unknowns. They definitely need categories now (Best game from 2004?). Man, if I'd realized iPhone games were open season, I'd have submitted Gemolition!

  • esq

    last year had 301 entries actually. Also, here is a 2-part playlist of all youtube trailers: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=D8DFCA2AA7EEEAB9 & http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=EB38EFF7F5490929

    Also, a dude made a list of all the games so you can view them in one spot http://www.mcfunkypants.com/2010/indie-game-festival/

  • rinkuhero

    most of them *are* iphone games (well not most, but a huge number)

  • rinkuhero

    it's the wii version of cave story being submitted, which is new (and more buggy)

  • Mic

    the IGF is for hacks

  • bradf

    It's even more incredible when you compare the number of entries yearly back to 2000. The amount of indie games being released per year has increased unprecedented amounts. It seems possible that the number of entries may even go above 1000 in a few years time. It cannot go on like this.

    There are simply far too many. In order to rectify this problem, it would be wise to put a cap on the number of entries allowed as well as the number of indie games that are made. The best choice would be to limit the number of indie games that people make per year to 100. If someone creates a game when the total of released games that year are already 100, they will just have to wait until next year to make their game. As well as only permitting games released in the same year as the festival, the maxiumum number of IGF entries will be capped at half the amount – 50. This means that half the games released in a year will be barred from the IGF if they are not punctual. This way, independent games and assiociated festivals and celebrations will be set on the correct path without any nonsense.

    This is the most sensible solution to all of the problems. Now that I have provided a solution, independent game producers will most likely pay heed and begin to produce games only if they are within the yearly game release cap. For those that do not obey – unfortunately not everyone is rational and even the best of us are prone to a lack of foresight during emotional outbursts – and produce a game when the yearly game limit has been reached, those sensible creators that have already been established in the independent gaming international network will likely employ a group of lessers to enforce these rules (which by this time would already be a social convention) with fines and confiscation of game-making equipment until they are adopted by international law.

  • Riccardo

    I'm a non native english talker so I may miss some irony here and there. If your solutions is not a piece of humor then… I really hope you're not into a politician career or some high rank job…you know… I don't like communities that controls people outputs. Do not read 1984 or Brave New World or you may have some dangerous insight…. (gosh, I shouldn't have write the name of those books…)

    Anyway I love the indie game scene, otherwise I would visit another blog. More games means that I won't play them all….gosh! I hate that but hey, people have their free will and I will just try to find out my own way to live the indie game scene.

  • Gnurfos

    With your “solution”, what happens when the first 100 games submitted in a time frame are crap, and the real gems are still being polished ?

    If a solution is really needed, it would be several levels of selection instead of one huge pool, but you can't prevent people from making games !

  • Kinten

    Let's get this going now. But who should we call?

  • Santa Ragione

    Our game is there! We started making it here on TIG, it's called FOTONICA. Hope you guys give it a try.

  • esq


  • http://twitter.com/celluloseman Evan Balster

    Hmm. I'll say what I said in the thread: the qualifiers for commercial success differ from the ones for prestige in the community. Just because it sells like hotcakes doesn't mean it will win the IGF.

  • http://twitter.com/celluloseman Evan Balster

    Which reminds me of Photopia, which makes me think the IGF needs a category for interactive fiction, which stirs up a huge fuss among developers.

  • Santa Ragione

    We love Photopia but our game is nothing like it! well maybe it is in terms of minimal use of colors! It's a FP action about running and jumping with inverted one button controls

  • http://twitter.com/MattRix MattRix

    Yeah I'm someone who basically used their app description for their game (Trainyard). The problem is that I'm really horrible at describing the game, and I had a hard enough time doing it for the app description, so I figured why not use the same thing. It's a little smarmy, but not too bad.

  • dukope

    Aren't there actually fewer entries this year considering mobile is now part of the main competition? Or does last year's ~300 include mobile as well?