Andrew Plotkin Wants to Write IF Fulltime and You Can Help

By: Derek Yu

On: November 1st, 2010

For fans of interactive fiction, the name Andrew “Zarf” Plotkin should be familiar. Plotkin has been in the scene for over a decade and has not only developed some of the genre’s most beloved games (Spider and Web, Shade), but has also made a number of important technical contributions to IF, including the Blorb archive format and the Glulx virtual machine. Up until now, however, he’s only pursued IF as a hobby. That’s about to change!

With his upcoming project, Hadean Lands, Plotkin would like to make the leap into fulltime IF development. The Kickstarter page for Hadean Lands has already surpassed its goal of $8000 after the first day, but the more the merrier, obviously. Donors can get some fun stuff, like a limited edition or their name in game. Plus, you know, you’ll be supporting the growth of the inspiring IF community.

A very early demo of the game is available to play here, in your web browser. The commercial version of the game will be released on iPhone/iPad for $5.

(Source: george, via TIGForums)

TIGdb: Entry for Andrew Plotkin

  • Gnome

    Excellent news, as Me. Plotkin seems to be wiling to really move the whole i-f genre & community forward.

  • Evan Balster

    Oh, Kickstarter videos. You are so charmingly terrible.

    (Note that I support what Mr. Plotkin is doing entirely. MY kickstarter video was terrible, too.)

    Also, we need more interactive fiction here. Maybe. I don't know how much there is. If there's more we need more of it.

  • torsion

    get thee to the IFDB. there is a ton.

  • googoogjoob

    hells yes

  • pyabo

    Also, grab yourself a (legal) torrent of the IF documentary “Get Lamp”. It's a little slow, but worth watching for the nostalgia factor if you're a IF fan.

  • Wiley Wiggins

    What's exciting about this is the javascript Glulx interpreter that he's making. If you've got CSS-stylable interactive fiction running in javascript instead of in an applet, you can make ANYTHING. You could build a webapp with IF as its interaction layer. You could trigger all kinds of visualizations. All sorts of weirdness will be possible.

  • Larry Martin

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