Recent Good Knytt Stories

By: Derek Yu

On: November 9th, 2010

[This is a guest post by ortoslon.]

Remember that pretty platformer that came with an intuitive level editor? Some of you liked the game enough to reach for user-made levels, coming regularly to Nifflas’ Forums and the Knytt Stories Level Archive, but ultimately turned away as gems became rarer and harder to find. Good news for you: nice Knytt Stories are still being made, and I’m here to show them.

(Make sure that you have the latest version of Knytt Stories, or these levels might not run correctly.)

1. Shipwrecked, by egomassive, is an episodic adventure with custom graphics, ambience, and carefully-chosen music. You end up on an island, befriend a crab, and find out that you’re not alone. This level isn’t very hard unless you go for one of the bonus endings. Playthrough.

2. The Valley, by green.cookie. Three keys are lost in the vast peaceful world, go find them, or just run around enjoying quirky textures until you get bored.

3. My Super Secret Basement, by Sergio Cornaga. Your basement turns out to be much larger, deadlier, and weirder than you thought. This level is unusual in its use of widely different tilesets and large animations. A couple of the challenges are very hard but also very close to savepoints. Playthrough.

4. Realms of the Pharaoh, by ozz, is a uniformly-challenging level with detailed graphics that takes place in a pyramid. Jump over deadly pits, look for secret passages, and flip through realms to join the pharaoh in one of them. Playthrough.

5. Key’s Curse, by Dave Germain, contains three similar small puzzles. All platforms are locks so think before you collect keys or you will unlock all the way to spiky death.

6. Pixeled, by Comhon, starts as a single screen, but then explodes into a large and moderately-hostile level. Time to climb huge pixels to get to the UNDO button. Playthrough.

And if you’re new to Knytt Stories, play through the official expansion, dessgeega’s list of not-so-recent good levels, and her own levels as well (scroll down or page-search for “dessgeega”).

  • Cory


  • RazzRox

    Ortoslon, I think I love you.

  • Arran

    Thanks so much!

  • Jotgd

    derp.. I can't belivie some people think falling is my best level. I think it's my worst .


  • joehonkie

    I stink too much at the platforming in this game to enjoy anything other than the easy-breezy exploration levels.

  • mrpodunkian

    i like this post and would like to see more posts of this kind, also tell paul “#1 evajolli fan” eres to write his monthly weekly roundup of games to play.

    sincerely, longtime listener, first time lover,
    arthur “so long gay bowser” lee

  • ortoslon

    at first i wanted paul “it's been a long week” eres to write this post, he hasn't written it in a month, i got impatient and wrote the post in three hours (not counting playing the levels obv.), and ran my slightly runglish through a proofreader (thanks hempuli). after it got posted, paul “i haven't eaten today, too lazy to click” eres told me that it was his secret plan to get me to write for tigsource. i wonder if “make it monthly” is his secret plan to get me to write the eres report as well. i hesitate because i'm lazy too.

  • mrpodunkian

    funny. eva “i'm playing halo reach with paul eres” jolli said paul “i'm playing halo reach with eva jolli” eres was playing halo reach with her. excuse me? halo sympathizers? not in my tigsource.

  • DrOctapu

    Does this work on Wine?

  • Guest

    bastards shouldn't be allowed to use this website. goddamned traitors.

  • allen

    I dunno, give it a try and report back =)

  • pnx

    Mispronunciation based pun ho!

  • failrate

    Knytt Stories works on Wine, but you may experience slowdown and missing audio.

  • salade

    Great post ortoloson, I've always wondered where to find more knytt stories gems, and It's great to have them in a database like post. You're basically just an awesome person I guess…

    Anyway, Knytt stories ran fine for me on Wine (Ubuntu 9.4ish, since I last played knytt stories) . I had no audio problems at all, but that might be due to some non-default settings. I remember having audio problems with other multimedia fusion games.

    The only glaring thing with knytt stories that I remember was that it took much longer to load each screen under Wine, something that occurs every time you switch screens. It wasn't unbearable, never more than .5-1 seconds or so, but it's an imperceptible pause when you are running the game natively. It may have been the computer I was playing it on, But knytt stories has such a small footprint that I doubt that was the issue.

  • Mitch Weaver

    I love Knytt Stories so much. Thanks for the post. It's been too long since I played it.

    I recall a level called “Don't eat the Mushroom” or something similar. Might be worth checking out (but don't check screenshots, it's a unique experience.)

  • RazzRox

    Just postin' to say Shipwrecked is really, really good. Definitely try it out.

  • Xhunterko

    Just an oddball off question. But, wasn't there a tigsource chat and what happened to it?

  • ortoslon

    there's a TIGSource IRC room

    Room: #tigIRC

    nothing in particular happened to it, except that people rarely talk about indie games and related stuff there nowadays, but this is to be expected from a large chat without strict moderation

  • ortoslon

    i've recorded playthroughs of many challenging levels

    so at least you can watch what you can't play

  • Xhunterko

    Well, I always get this:
    And no chat pops up. So I had been wondering if it was killed or not. I didn't mean to hijack the news post. I might make a forum post later.

  • joehonkie

    I don't deserve to know.

    Seriously I'm making some progress in some of these, although I keep skipping around.

    And then I played “Don't eat the mushroom.” That is the best one. That one wins at Knytt.

  • ortoslon
  • mutedia

    Realms of the Pharaoh has some killer jumps, very difficult compared to all the previous 'Exploration' themed levels, not to mention that it looks incredible

  • ortoslon

    playthrough to the bonus bonus ending of Shipwrecked

  • joehonkie

    I'm partway through that and it is monstrous.

  • ortoslon

    paul said he doesn't want me to write for the reports, he just needs screenshots

  • ortoslon

    Comhon has updated Pixeled to v2.0 which is even better with less backtracking, more variety and custom music by Nifflas.

    in other news, this post has inspired a funny level – THE RECKOMING

  • RoboStephen

    This is terrific – it's great to have a list of recommendations to go from. I loved Realms of the Pharaoh. I love the concept of Pixeled – it's like Knytt temporarily became even tinier than tiny.