By: ithamore

On: January 9th, 2011

The PC version of Nifflas’ NightSky is still available for $7.20, but today is the last day to buy it at this discounted release price. Tomorrow, the price will be raised to $10.

If you’ve been looking forward to the PC version, now’s the time to try out the demo if all the previews, reviews, and videos out there weren’t convincing enough for you to have purchased it already. However, if you would prefer to express you enjoyment of and delight in NightSky and Nifflas’ other games by waiting for the $10 price, you also have that choice as a means of expressing your gratitude.

  • Nothanks

    Odd – The price seemed to stay the same between USD and GBP (ie it was 7.20 in both currencies). As such, I pretended to be from the US (meant no VAT, too!) and got it for $7.20.

  • rinkuhero

    isn't that kinda cheating him out of money and posting a method so that others can also cheat him out of money; what you probably should have done is bought it normally and informed him that he can be taken advantage of like that

  • Nothanks

    I don't think it's cheating Nifflas out of money – It's meant to cost $7.20, if I'd paid in £ it'd have been almost twice that thanks to the exchange rate and VAT. As for avoiding the tax – that's cheating nobody.

  • rinkuhero

    still cheating the government (though i don't have as much of a problem with that) and whatever/whoever they're using VAT taxes for.

    but yeah i don't like how people price the same things in dollars and euros either; i think steam does that too. optimally it'd auto-convert (i think fastspring does that).

  • rinkuhero

    this is a pretty good game but i recommend people do 'alternative' first rather than 'normal' unless they are a 90 year old grandmother or want a purely zen platformers, the puzzles in normal are trivial and uninteresting compared to the puzzles in alternative; i honestly think it should have been the default mode, not an alternative mode

  • Snow

    Man I miss living out in the country again. When you live out in the country surrounded by old growth forest, that's what this game reminds me of. There's nothing like feeling cool breezes in a thick forest on a hot summer's day and hearing the wind rustle through the leaves and branches… buying this game.

  • Jackass

    Silhouette-atmosphere games are really hot right now!

  • Xhunterko

    Is this going to be available via steam?

  • Aquin

    I dunno man, alternative mode gets pretty damn intense towards the end. I kinda like the relaxing atmosphere of normal and I wouldn't write it off too quickly. Keep in mind that Alternative is all the same puzzles again but on Hard; the practice on easy comes in handy.

    Although, yeah alternative mode is really damn fantastic :D

  • Gugu

    Hm, what about cheating the customer through silly exchange rates? Not saying the game's author has anything to do with it of course… everybody's doing it anyway – no idea why do we have to pay 30%+ for everything.

  • allen

    the nicalis twitter said steam turned the game down.

    which doesn't make sense to me, they already have another of nifflas's game on there (saira)

  • UnrealClock

    Because I'm sure businesses think everything ever made by one person is great. :/

  • Martoon

    Good stuff! If you like it, I recommend you also check out Gumboy Crazy Adventures.

  • pgil

    Played through the demo on normal mode, buying it now. The game looks great and I love the music. Only problem I have is a weird graphical glitch that looks like grid lines on the tiles. I think I also had that problem with Saira… It doesn't really detract from the game though.

  • Whatever

    After playing trough the demo, I'm on the “no buy” crowd. I like Nifflas's previous stuff, but this one feels just empty. Plus, the game is too much “attempt again until you have not committed an error” type thing.

  • RazzRox

    I've played the demo, and I have to say that I liked it more than Saira. It feels more like a “Nifflas” game, plus the controls are solid and really easy to learn. Definitely buying.