Trailers: Pretty Pixels, Trixels, and Voxels

By: Derek Yu

On: January 11th, 2011

This is a new trailer for Card Sagas Wars, a fan fighting game that’s being developed by a Spanish team using the fighting game engine MUGEN. The game has completely original graphics and features characters from various video games, and according to the FAQ, the creators are aiming for 36 playable characters, with more characters as helpers. You can see a gallery on their website that has hundreds of characters, but only some of these will be used in the game itself. There is no set release date.

Here’s some footage of Polytron’s Fez that was released at the end of last year, showing off the first section of the game.

And last but not least, Voxotron is a new voxel-based arena shoot ’em up from Joseph White, aka Lexaloffle. The game features destructible terrain and uses a custom voxel renderer. The game is slated for release later this year, on (at least) Windows and Mac.

  • mcgrue

    Some damned gorgeous sprite work on card wars. I remember finding their card art years ago, but I forgot about them in time. That video is filled with fan love.

    I hope they complete and release before a lawyer horde swoops down from a hundred different companies to smite them. I want to play this.

  • LilMonsta

    Same situation as you with card saga wars mcgrue, I found it some years ago and forgot about it, really want to play it because it looks damn good.

    Fez I found ago and Voxotron just looks epic, 3 amazing looking games I really look forward to playing, good post! :)

  • Bobyu

    Stop wasting time on Fez crap.

  • Peevish

    Temper temper.

  • deadeye

    Why is everything so awesome

  • Peevish

    But of course, if Crono hadn't fucking owned in the video, I wouldn't be half as excited about Card Saga War. But: he fucking owned.

  • Apnea

    So, when does Fez come out on PC?

  • Roger McClure

    I must know this

  • Vince

    Looks like they left that annoying “indie” thing behind; XBOX exclusive and all. The only comments I could find were from random fans that assumed/hoped/guessed there might be a PC version at some point in the future.

    Posts by the developers look pretty much XBOX-only and there's not a single word regarding PC plans I could find. Oh well, that FEZ bookmark lingered long enough in my browser.

  • Peevish

    There are plenty of XBLA and XBLIG games that are definitely indie. Fish has said they're focusing on the XBLA release right now, no other info has been released. Remember when NightSky was WiiWare-only? If there's no info either way, why complain early?

  • Paul J

    When I saw the title of that top video I thought it said Carl Sagan Wars. No disrespect to Card Saga Wars but you can imagine my disappointment when I re-read it.

  • Phubans

    MMMM, voxels :3

    The studio I'm working with might be working on a voxel game pretty soon, too… Being their resident seasoned pixel artist, I'm looking forward to it ;)

  • Hypersapien

    Yeah, I'm still pissed about the the XBOX-only thing.

  • Greiv

    Wow. These are incredible. <33

  • UnrealClock

    Yeah because people who make games have to cater to you right? :/

  • Vince

    Certainly not. However – in return – we as PC gamers have no obligation to be patient and accept marketing politics/being treated as second-rate customers. So, we have every right to be annoyed and not keep up with whether they get around to releasing a PC version in a year or two. We're not getting paid to be objective and professional, quite the contrary really: we pay so we don't have to … or we would have ;)

  • Qwertywraith

    Isn't the winged demon sprite in the preview video from one of the Castlevania games? Ecclesia I think.

  • phil fish

    OH MY GOD.

  • Guest

    … You don't know who Soma is, do you?

  • xra

    voxeltron, badass, love it!

  • Silverio Rhyme

    So after 25 years in development we get to see a 2 minute video of Fez plus a couple pictures. A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Keep up the good work, maybe in 20 more years we'll see the art cover or something, maybe even a 5-minute video! And this if for an Xbox. Maybe I won't get that PS3 after all, who the eff wants to play The Last Guardian and Uncharted 3 when I can have Fez on the Xbox -Oh MY GOD!

  • JConaBike

    *Sarcasm gauge explodes*

  • UnrealClock

    The South Park avatar makes your opinion void.

  • Guest

    There is no such thing as an invalid opinion.

  • Yello

    Fez was downgraded, when it moved to XBox only. Pad is not as interesting interface rotation-wise, so they changed it into riggid 90-degree -style. I'm still intrigued by it, but its already lamer, that how it initially looked. In this case, Wii would have been much more interesting platform, if you must go into world of console exclusives.

  • Lelle

    Just sad that i should have to buy an XBOX to play some good indiegames. Most are on PC and these i can play without wasting extra money for a machine i do not want.

  • Themouse

    I like that of the three trailers, only one of the games is likely to be released in this lifetime. Fez and Card battle wars are approaching chinse democracy levels of “OH IT WILL BE GREAT…when it comes out”ness.

  • Joseph Gibson

    The indie-est thing Phil Fish ever did was to tell the police all the bodies in his basement were from an Indian burial ground.

  • Apnea

    I know ! Opinions, right? Outrageous things.

  • UnrealClock

    Last time I checked the word exclusive was never thrown around next to the word Xbox in any article I've ever read about Fez.

  • blah

    Annabelle Kennedy?

  • Afajak

    Nothing is exclusive anymore, I'm confident I will eventually be able to play Fez without owning a 360. I never dreamed Castle Crashers would ever make it off that system, just imagine my joy while playing it on my PS3 now.

    Also, please don't tease us with CSW, it's too painful…

  • rinkuhero

    no. super joe.

  • Phubans

    Or, you know, there's always emulators.

  • Duma

    Fez was always Xbox only and rotated 90 degrees at a time… The free camera rotation was and is still there.

  • anthonyflack

    Probably just as well that you don't know how long Joseph has been playing with this voxel engine to date then.

  • Acme740

    Fez, I think I'll buy it.

  • xdiesp6

    Card Sagas will get sunk by a cease and desist letter as soon as they release anything. Amusing reading the FAQ about their rip off mod not being moddable by other because, hey, that would ripping them off.

  • boole

    I'm happy to see that Fez finally ended up with a great soundtrack (by DIsasterpeace). DIdn't they have a soundtrack by another chip artist before? I hated that.

  • boole

    Now if Voxatron could have some nice music, too…

  • Firepith

    Are you serious? D:,'

  • hryx

    The monster summons from Dawn of Sorrow are badassass

    Voxatron loox tardedly charming, but it will be o such a day when we have charming voxel games that don't talk about voxels like a novelty. Or wait, are they still novel?

  • Zabycx

    CSW Dracula only fires 2 fireballs from his cape? What madness is this? 3 Fireballs or geek wrath, I say!

  • Jamey DeOrio

    Totally, being forced to buy every console ever made in the world so I could play every game I ever wanted to play is lame. Everything should be made for the Game Gear, because I'm sick of buying new shit all the time at the vagaries of these freewheeling developers.

  • CraigStern

    Holy shit! Card Saga Wars looks fantastic! I won't lie: Chrono's assist attacks totally made me squeal in geeked-out glee. I just hope the creators are in the process of negotiating several dozen licensing arrangements. Otherwise, that game is going to disappear faster than jobs under Bush.

    Fez is looking pretty good too. I hope that trailer is showing placeholder dialog, though. (If not: dear sweet Jesus, Polytron, hire a writer.)

  • Wikbi

    Fez was always supposed to have silly dialogue, like a homage to all those badly translated JRPGs from SNES era.

  • julien games

    Great games!