Grow Cannon

By: Derek Yu

On: January 31st, 2011

Grow Cannon, by Eyezmaze

Awesome, a new Grow game from Japanese developer “On”! In Grow Cannon, you’re trying to wake someone who’s sleeping heavily. Fire the cannon at seven spots in the right order to win! Simple, cute, and fun.

TIGdb: Entry for Grow Cannon

  • Phubans

    Are you getting hard up for material?? Don't worry, I'll give you something good to talk about soon… ;)

  • Derek Yu

    I really enjoy the Grow games.

  • hryx

    Having to wake someone up as an objective… I wish trying to wake up were this cute and fun in the physical world.

  • RazzRox

    Well that was pretty freakin awesome (To be expected)

  • Phubans

    Okay, I actually tried it and it was pretty interesting… I still haven't managed to wake the dude up and the gameplay pretty much just boils down to trial and error, but it's a cute, fun timewaster.

  • Winterous


    2. Plant
    3. Water
    4. Lever
    5. Space left of lever
    6. Guy
    7. The leftmost spot
    8. The one next to 7
    9. Train
    10. Foot

  • ithamore

    I don't think this one has alternative endings (maxed but with different sequences), but I wish it did like some of his other games.

  • Snowyowl

    I did have to look at a walkthrough for the very last shot. I couldn't figure it out, even with the indicators at the end telling me what needed upgrading.

  • Evan Balster

    I figured it out myself. I really like these games for the experimental play style they produce, even if they seem like “trial and error”. If it was purely so, then I'd have tried around half of the 282475249 (7^10) combinations before succeeding. But it's not, and there's all sorts of content you never see by just beating the game. (For instance, grow the train before releasing the small bone but after the little fellow gets his upgrade)

    The last thing I found (the last stage of waking up) made me giggle quite a bit. Especially given how ridiculously it's uncovered.

  • Adam

    Oh dear. I once spent a day playing the cube one. Looks like I'll be wasting some more time now!

  • Rich Vreeland

    Haha! You don't like the grow games phubans? They make trial and error fun!

  • NOPE

    after looking for an hour .. THERE AINT NO DAMN PLANT!

  • NOPE

    time out … yeah there is

  • it_is_coming

    I really don't understand the appeal of these games. Besides cute animations, there really isn't much there from a game design perspective. This one even a little below the standards of the others in art.

  • Konidias

    I've always enjoyed the games, but I agree there's not a lot in terms of game design. I showed these games to my girlfriend recently and she wasn't impressed at all. She was like “so you're just picking things at random and it plays animations?”. Even after explaining that you need to pick things in an order for different things to happen to make progress, she still wasn't really impressed. I think after playing a few of these myself, the novelty has definitely worn off as well.

  • john smith

    spencer joseph is a ninja from outer space but he has below average vision making him less powerful

  • Bernard Fran├žois

    Nice little game. I gave up though after a few times playing it; the very first time I got a dinosaur foot, but didn't manage to reproduce it for some reason…

  • Radbox2

    What the fuck does the girlfriend argument even mean?