Big Changes for Marian

By: Derek Yu

On: February 16th, 2011

Marian, by Infinite Ammo

Alec Holowka, whom I worked with on Aquaria, has written an article about the new direction of Marian, his current project, including his decision to switch from 3d models to 2d sprite art. Alec, as always, is very honest about the challenges he’s faced as a game creator, and explains in depth what has happened with Marian these past two years. It’s a heart-wrenching and inspiring read.

  • Phubans

    Wow… Both versions look absolutely stunning.

  • Evan Balster

    I wish Alec the best with this. I greatly admire the way he makes games, and the difficulties he endures to make them that way. Aquaria changed the way I think about game development and remains a favorite to this day, and I have high hopes for Marian.

    +1 fan power. Kick some ass, Infinite Ammo. :)

  • Sjhkitten

    Aquaria was and still is an awesome game (great job both of you guys) and I look forward to future games from you both. I was wondering if something was going on with Marian, because it seemed like several months went by without as many spoilery news articles about it. I am glad Alec decided to write that article up and I will be happy to see Marian in either form. I think just about everything I've seen for it has been gorgeous and as always, I love the music. Maybe one day the current scrapped 3D version can lead into a different 3D indie game, but I'll still be happy with a beautiful 2D release (yay 2D!).

  • Guest

    I always feel like a lot of detail is lost in 3D, or rather that 3D is inable to capture the same level of detail that 2D can. I also feel like 2D art shows the love of the artist much clearer, and thus it has more charm to me.

    Making people and objects in 3D is a tricky business, and unless your models and textures are juuuuuust right, it'll just end up looking goofy/stupid/creepy, which goes for 2D too, but there's a bit more leeway there.

  • Theon66

    Looks like a serious downgrade to me. It is still pretty, but not even comparable to the 3D art I've seen so far :/

  • John Sandoval

    There does seem to be something wrong with the 2d Marian's face, but on the whole I find it to be quite pretty. Though I too would have preferred the game to remain in 3d, I understand that it's a bit too big an undertaking for a crew as small as Infinite Ammo's.

    Props to Alec for sticking with the project though. I'd never have the balls to throw away all that work…

  • Jonathan Reardon

    Man from the perspective of someone who thoroughly enjoyed “Aquaria” I've been watching Marian's progress for some time now as you can imagine…this news is a little bit disheartening. But I mean I understand, do what you gotta do. It's better to get it done right than to just go with it and release it. Blizzard always takes it's time with their games and they never disappoint (sorry for the taboo big game company)

  • Dylan Fries

    Thats heartbreaking, keep at it man. best of luck.

  • Dylan Fries

    Thats heartbreaking. Keep at it Alec, good luck.