AGS Awards 2010

By: ithamore

On: February 20th, 2011

Eternally UsOver the Edge
Snakes of Avalon
Technobabylon 1Technobabylon 2

The nominees for the AGS Awards for 2010 have been up for a while, and now you can vote for them on the forums, which requires registration. Voting will close on March 4th at 23:30 GMT, so there is plenty of time to try all the games if you haven’t played any of them yet and are planning to vote. Otherwise, you could simply enjoy the nominees of last years best AGS games.

If you usually don’t play adventure games, I would recommend the games nominated as the Best Short Games, since they are small enough to give good, quick examples of what AGS games are like. I’m currently working through the Best Games of the Year (pictured above: Eternally Us, Journey Down: Over the Edge, Snakes of Avalon, and Technobabylon – Part I and Part II), since I’ve only finish 3 of them so far.

(A special thanks to Frank00 for informing us about the awards.)

  • Marty Rabens

    Them there girl scouts make some damn fine games.

  • Ithamore

    Still, I've enjoyed most of the nominee games I've played.

  • Ithamore

    Registering for the AGS forums was the first time I had to fill out a multiple-choice questionnaire before the usual registration procedures.

    As for the Best Games, I’ve finished Over the Edge, Technobabylon – Part 1, and Eternally Us.

  • Blossom

    I became big fan of AGS games after playing some Chzo Mythos, so I will give these a try tomorrow. (Nightime, yeah.) Adventure games are always good, nuff' said.

  • Evan Balster

    I got my start as an AGS developer when I was 10. Never did make anything very good with it.

  • IQpierce

    It's nice that TIGSource covers games like these that are a bit out of the public eye and in a genre that's often overlooked.

    Speaking of which, do you ever cover the XYZZY awards? ( Some very interesting things have come out of the modern interaction fiction movement, and like adventure games, “text adventures” get very little notice these days… but again, those still working in that form after all these years have produced some very interesting innovations.

  • IF is cool

    IF doesn't get as much attention these days because the community is so insular. Most IF writers don't tend to associate their work with the larger indie games “movement”.

  • dukope

    The wider indie scene is extremely visually-oriented, and I think straight-up I.F. will never have an easy time getting attention. I.F. that has at least some visual component is much more interesting for me personally. Two that I can think of are “Everybody Dies”, and “Digital: A Love Story”. Both of which I enjoyed a lot, but probably wouldn't have even tried if it was just text.

  • gnome

    Hey, I still haven't played some of these games. Another excellent post oh TIG Source!

  • Tom Explodes

    If games like Technobabylon are really the best indie developers have to offer these days, the adventure game really is dead. That makes me really sad.

  • Ithamore

    Congratulations to all the winners. Theodor Waern (aka Skygoblin) and team deserve additional respect and admiration for winning the Best Game and 9 other categories with “Journey Down: Over the Edge”.

  • rene

    Make us a game about gayporn cocking eatchother