More Good Knytt Stories

By: Derek Yu

On: February 21st, 2011

[This is a guest post by ortoslon.]

Since my first Knytt Stories post, I’ve discovered five more good levels. Like last time, download the latest version of the game (1.2.1) to play these.

1. The Other Side by The Red Snifit. After being knocked out by a strange light, Juni wakes up into a barren, synthetic environment and sets out to explore it. The farther she goes, the harder challenges she faces. This is by far the largest level on this list. Playthrough.

2. Antsy by dessgeega puts you on a small uninhabited island. This playground level (you can’t win) plays a lot like the original Knytt.

3. Enemy Mine by Dave Germain is an obstacle course inspired by dessgeega’s Oubliette. Playthroughs of both.

4. Race to the Pumpkin Patch by Healy demands both speed and precision. If you think this level is too easy, try B-Man’s Monocromatica Grotta. Playthroughs of both.

5. Pestilence by Yohji is what you’d get if you put a nice level on a warm wet spot and left it to rot for a month. Playthrough.

  • Aquin

    Thank goodness I can watch you play instead, ortoslon. Some of these levels are just right brutal! :O

  • Razz

    Hmmm … some of these are really neat. Thanks!

  • Salmon

    These are good levels I guess. But for anyone looking for more there is this:
    And then there is a this forum:
    check it out. These levels are relatively new and there are some really good levels out there.
    I know there is much to explore in knytt stories there is like hundreds of levels out there. I know, I was part of the community for years.

  • ortoslon

    this is like saying “these are nice clips but if you want more there's youtube”. 90% of levels in the archive are crap. if you have been a part of the KS community for years, you can help less passionate people to enjoy KS by writing lists of the 10% with links and screenshots

  • Salmon

    yes you're right. well on the old forum (it crashed and they made a second) people made lists of their favorite levels.
    I don't have a link to the old forum I'm not even sure it's still up.
    But there is a thread here:

  • Guest

    This list seems to be a very good starting point: