Dragon Rider Drawing Tutorial

By: Derek Yu

On: February 23rd, 2011

Wolfire Games has hardly missed a beat with their steady stream of blog posts over the past few years, covering everything from the development of Overgrowth, their latest game, to the Humble Indie Bundles, to topics like DRM, software piracy, and iPhone clones. They’ve even created a number of helpful tutorials about stuff like art and linear algebra. Pretty inspiring lads, they are.

I thought this new Photoshop painting tutorial, by Wolfire artist Aubrey Serr, was worth posting on the front page. It’s not the first timelapse painting session they’ve put up on their YouTube page, but it’s certainly the most in-depth, with Aubrey discussing his process and giving tips as the video plays out for 23 minutes. Apparently there’s a Blender tutorial planned at some point, too – I’ll be sure to post it on TIGSource when it comes out!

For more tutorials, check out our Tutorials subforum. For a recent Overgrowth alpha video that I think is cool, hit the jump:

  • Gafs

    NICE I love using Gradient Maps on greyscale for coloring.

  • kYn

    Now that's some damn sexy use of gradient maps.

  • Phubans

    The music was relaxing… Sometimes pensive and evocative of some lurking threat.

  • http://twitter.com/samuraidan Dan MacDonald

    Inspired me to buy a pen tablet and try digital painting again.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ezknight Ephriam Zachary Knight

    Just a correction, the Lugaru clone was not an iPhone clone, it was a Mac App Store clone.

  • Miirannduhs Man

    the link to wolfire games in the beginning of the post in incorrect, easy enough to work out on my own but i wanted to point out the correction because i'm anal like that

  • http://www.derekyu.com Derek Yu

    Thank you, fixed!

  • Tim Allen

    Hey, what do you guys think about that Lindsay Lohan? I think she belongs in jail.

    (The Indie Drawing Source)

  • rv

    Excellent post!

  • http://roachpuppy.com chrisz

    I'm really liking Aubrey's videos on the Wolfire channel, I'm glad they're becoming more and more frequent.

  • Kimura

    I disapprove of this method. Coloring on top of a grey base? At least block things in, in the correct color first! SMUDGE TOOL? Hells naw! What's next, a lens flare filter?

  • Nara

    “Bad” tools used in a clever way can be interesting. Smudge for example used with the layer opacity property can produce a more natural look. Don't write off something because the intended usage is producing silly eyecandy effect (drop shadow anyone ? ^^). Problem solving and alternate thinking is fun :)

  • Vania

    I liked everything but the coloring.

  • IndieElitist

    Nice work. A lot faster than I could do, but yeah… his coloring is really weak.