TIGSource Versus Competition: Voting

By: Derek Yu

On: March 13th, 2011

The TIGSource Versus Competition has ended and voting has begun! There were 81 games submitted to the competition. Follow the link, try the games, and cast your votes for your favorites. Voting will last two weeks.

  • Phubans

    Wowwwww these entries look great! Maybe I'll try to set aside some time to play them with my roommate or a friend and see which one I should vote for… :3 The New World Order one caught my attention because of the title… lol, and I like how the dude said it was inspired by Madhouse; rock on! Good luck to all these entries! Wish I could have been in on this, too :D Maybe next time…

  • Hmmmmm

    That was weird

  • jw

    zeeeeeee rooooooooooo spaaaaaaaace

  • https://launchpad.net/~smaxein Medo

    You can download all the games in one archive here: http://static.ganggarrison.com

  • renkin

    Nice! Will arrange some sessions.

  • Spencerjoseph

    thanks i am coming back from spring break and need something to do for 16 hours in the car

  • Raigan

    um… I know a couple people who made games that aren't included in this list, possibly because they failed to add “complete” to their forum thread… :(

  • http://www.2girls1game.com Ashley K.

    Hey thanks for that. Lots of entries and having them all in one archive is convenient!

  • Skutty

    minecraft :P u can play that for days on end XD