Hawken First-Person Video

By: Derek Yu

On: March 30th, 2011

The initial video for Hawken, a multiplayer FPS by Adhesive Games, teased us with only a few seconds of first-person footage. This one, however, spends the entirety of its three minutes showing off what it’ll be like to take on opponents from inside the cramped cockpit of your mech. And it still looks amazing.

Follow the game’s progress at the Hawken blog.

  • Valzi

    I suppose based on your comments and on Adhesive's labeling that it's a FPS instead of a mech sim? That would be kind of disappointing, despite it being visually pleasing.

  • Davioware

    I hope there's a lot of customizability because that's what really gets me hyped up about mech games. Chromehounds for the 360 was pretty good and had a great editor and mech design suite, but the terrain was bland as hell and it suffered from a few small design/balance flaws. Then sega shut down the servers, so it's dead. This game reminds me of/looks like Heavy Gear mixed with Mechwarrior, which is awesome. The gameplay looks great, but if there's no customizability then I will reveal a huge sad face. I don't want to pick from predefined classes. I want to make lightweight mech with max speed and a tiny gun if I feel like it.

  • http://twitter.com/xhunterko Robert Clemmons Jr.

    Or, indie mechworrior. Haven't been this excited about a mech game since one for the pc I played, a while, while back.

  • http://twitter.com/xhunterko Robert Clemmons Jr.

    And I did not want my real name displayed. Thanks discus! Can anybody delete both these comments made by me? Thanks!

  • Farbs

    This is extremely pretty. I am excited for it.

  • Johnnoz

    This looks like a pretty good merge of the mech-sim genre and a more fast paced fps.

    Very much looking forwards to it :D

  • Furie


  • Gnome

    Don't usually care for FPS offerings, let alone Mechs, but this does look incredibly interesting. And -yes- beautiful in a brutal way.

  • Medo

    Consider me hyped.

  • http://code.bluedinosaurs.com Jonny D

    Yeah, it does look good, but consider me a little sad that it's just another FPS. I was (still am) hoping for more sim aspects, but it is nice that you can take enough damage for retreat to be a valid tactic. That's rare for FPS games.

  • http://twitter.com/pandafresh Christian J. Ruiz

    heck yea, this game looks dope.

  • http://twitter.com/lachrob Rob Lach

    Very aesthetically pleasing.

  • Peevish

    That's really gorgeous, though if you can tell those grey enemy mechs apart from the grey metallic background you've got better eyes than I do.

  • DragonSix

    Stunning. And the trailer montage is pure badass too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1020514090 David Pucko

    Oh my god this is amazing.

  • Pvt. Grichmann

    Looks a bit underwhelming, I think. Just as I re-discovered the (Now freeware) Mechwarrior 4 and got my hands on a joystick, I'd really prefer this to be a slower-paced, more sim-ish kind of game. Judging by the trailers, looks more like a traditional mouse+keyboard or gamepad kind of game.
    Still looks great, and there's surprisingly little in the way of sci-fi shooters on the PC.

  • Guest

    What he said. Although still dying to get a joystick, but not sure if I can justify it… Unless I re-buy Conflict Freespace 2

  • guest

    There's no reason not to get FS2 with the state of the source code project these days. It gives most modern AAA games a run for its money in terms of graphics, now, and completely trashes them in terms of support and features.

  • bombboy




    THAT IS ALSO A DREAM <3<3<<3<3<3<3

  • Banana

    Games are art!

  • Tiganon

    Pretty Mechwarrior. People playing the game wouldn't play it that slow unless there were hard-coded limits to speed dependent on weight, etc. Disappointing. The only thing that intrigued me (besides the gorgeous art) is the battleship. Anyone else notice it floating through the sky, and its health displayed on a few of the battles in the upper left corner? Mechs assaulting a floating warship > mech pvp

  • Al3xand3r

    It's not a sim but it's not just a fps either… Read their site and their interview at IGN. The mechs are more agile than MechWarrior but still not as agile as a normal FPS human. There are many cases where their slow movements are prioritised over how fast your hands are. Their turning speed is set per mech, rather than your skill. There's a quick 180 turn button to make up for some of this, if you use it wisely. Landing animations prioritise over controls. There's a jetpack boost to make you a bit speedier. You do choose your weapons loadout. They have two secret more involving than just deathmatch modes. Things like that. So yeah it's not a pure sim but it's not just an FPS either. The video appears so because they know the game and the mech's capabilities and make expert use of it, not because controls are identical to humans. It's also evident that it's either not played with a mouse, or if it is, that the mechs' abilities prioritise over a mouse's FPS advantages. I imagine a dual analog controller or proper joystick will be just as viable a method as a mouse given some of this.

  • Guesti

    Reminds me of quake 3.

  • http://awesometurtle.com Truly Wizard

    I can dig it.