By: Derek Yu

On: April 3rd, 2011

In Locomalito’s Viriax your goal is to swim up through the organs of human beings and infect their cores before your energy runs out. You start with one attack – press down or X to drop onto enemies and destroy them, obtaining combos for destroying multiple enemies within a small timeframe. Attacking serves a couple of other purposes – it renders you invincible temporarily and you can use it to reveal power-ups (or power-downs).

Each time you jump in mid-air or attack in Viriax your energy level goes down slightly, so you have to conserve your movements and use power-ups wisely. You can replenish your energy with red globules, which are also released occasionally by destroyed enemies and can also be found floating around the levels. It’s a smart system that creates a lot of exciting moments as you carefully wind your way up the bloodstream.

The levels are randomly-generated and the power-ups vary pretty wildly in usefulness, so there’s a degree of luck involved. In terms of scoring, the keys are extremely overpowered, so the main purpose of high scores seems to be for unlocking the later levels. In general, though, the challenge ramps up nicely and I had a great time attempting to infect each of the organs, from the lightly defended Heart all the way up to the N.A.S. itself.

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  • Phubans

    Another great game from a great developer.

  • Phubans

    By the by, what does NAS stand for? It's no part of the body I've ever heard of.

  • Eggsmix

    I think it's like some sort of electronic nano antibody system

    that might be what it stands for but don't quote me on it

    it's the reason why some of the things that shoot at you are metallic

  • ortoslon
  • Davioware

    This game scares me.

  • Nikica

    Nanobot Assembly Station, explained in the trailer above.

  • DragonSix

    The music is beautiful.

  • D Kamal

    Finally they make a game based on Innerspace!

  • J Z

    Concept is good, but the thought of it not so much…

  • MisterX

    Note that you don't lose energy when jumping off solid ground! Using this lends itself well to a more careful aproach, which is especially helpful in the beginning.

    Lovely game :)

  • Graven

    For some reason, the graphics screwed up when I first hit fullscreen, and now they won't go back.

  • MisterX

    Have you downloaded the game recently, or already some days ago? Locomalito released v1.1 3 days ago, which is said to have fixed the graphical errors.

  • Malasdair

    I literally just downloaded it and it doesn't work. (note: I am a different individual) looks like they made the transparent overlay not so transparent. Boo.

  • Graven

    I downloaded it yesterday. I tried it out today, and it broke. I redownloaded it, and it still doesn't work.

    A real shame, since it looks like a lot of fun.

  • Snare

    Its alot of fun and a little addictive, but also horribly random with the generative level layout. It can happen that you play nearly flawless but simply starve to death because the level has no or very little powerups in some parts. Also, there are some incredibly unfair parts, when several of the challenging game mechanics happen in the same place.
    I would wish for a more even difficulty, but i love the generative levels, so its a hard call what is better.

  • WrongMovie

    Damn is this game hard but very good. Unique idea and very good music. I wish there where cut-scenes that tell a story.
    A tip for newcomers: Be aggressive in this game not passive even though passive – meaning careful – will help you a lot to get into the game. Be sure to read the manual at the homepage and learn all powerups by hard. Powerups stay until you pick up a new one or you get hit by an enemies three times.

  • kris

    Anyone know what the globule finder powerup does?

  • Lol

    It makes the Enemys drop more health.