Natural Selection 2 Build 170

By: Derek Yu

On: April 4th, 2011

Build 170 for Natural Selection 2 is out, but mostly I just wanted to post this video from NS2HD that shows off the updates, including some adjustments to the movement of the creepy, wall-walking Skulks.

  • Markham

    I still don't get the whole eyes-in-the-mouth thing.

  • Derek Yu
  • Derek Yu
  • AGuy


    That is all there is to get.

  • PseudoKnight

    There's a common misconception that you're looking out the character's eyes when you're playing an FPS, when you're actually looking from the gun's perspective. (though, not the gun model) You don't see from your weapon or shoot from your eyes, but the gameplay necessitates a perspective choice. This was the appropriate one.

  • PseudoKnight

    But what's with 3rd person games having eyes float behind their heads? How silly! ;)

  • Christian Knudsen

    I was just going to post the same thing after viewing this (otherwise very cool) video. Beyond the point of view not making much sense, I feel it's also just a poor angle for showing a biting attack. When the mouth closes down to bite, we can't see anything, so the gore and bloodspray is hidden because we're inside a closed mouth! I think you'd be able to show the bite and gore better if the camera was placed above the mouth, where I assume the eyes are actually placed. Maybe just have the nostrils (if this creature has nostrils above its jaws and below its eyes) poke in at the bottom of the screen, with more of the head and the jaws entering frame when attacking.

  • J Z

    Gameplay? It's a videogame so it's VG logic :)

  • Beau_JC

    Who is to say that a Skulk's eyes aren't in its mouth? Anyway, its looking pretty sharp. Seems to be playing a lot better, too!

  • Martin Borgman

    It's a balance issue mostly, in the old mod NS there was a way to turn of the closing of the mouth while biting. It turned the Skulks into unstoppable murder machines

    Also the Skulk explores trough it's mouth by biting things. Mouth sensory system at work, heh I dunno :D