Streets of Rage Remake

By: Derek Yu

On: April 5th, 2011

After 8 years of development, Bomber Games has released version 5, the final version, of their Streets of Rage Remake. An incredible tribute to the Streets of Rage/Bare Knuckle series of beat ’em ups, SORR features 19 playable characters, 64 enemies, 103 stages, and 76 remixed, remastered music tracks – all based on the three original Sega Genesis games and their Game Gear conversions. On top of that, it sports an impressive number of editors, modes, options, and other improvements.

(Source: Türbo Bröther, via TIGForums)

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  • Marmots of Rage

    Holy fscking ass on a stick. This may be the best thing that had happened to me today :D

  • Aleksandar Salma


  • Meadslosh

    I'm most impressed with the remastered music. It sounds just fantastic.

  • Matej Jan

    Hell yeah! I have bought this on the 360 from a faint memory of me playing on Sega Mega Drive at my friend's house in primary school. Great fighting game.

  • Rob

    This is awesome. Great job. It is faithful to the originals while adding nice touches here and there, I like it. Now stop beating up your partner, Axel.

  • Phil

    OMG I remember playing this with my sister on my Genesis like all the time back in the day.
    This looks awesome, and the music sound simply fantastic! Downloading now!

  • Jasper Byrne

    This is an awesome undertaking…

    Somehow I prefer the Megadrive music, the original sprites, explosion effects and so on. The OST for SoR3 in particular is just so out there as far as games from that era go.

    It's definitely something I'll play, but also the movement doesn't feel quite the same as the original.

    Overall these are minor niggles because it's pretty faithful, and has all the extra goodies. I'd still play the originals if they were to hand (have the Megadrive collection on PS3 which is awesome for that), but it's great for a quick brawl at your PC.

    Good work, Bomber Games.

  • Ted Martens

    I love that over-world map <3

  • Christian J. Ruiz

    the music and stuff looks awesome, and i cant wait to play it later on, but the cut scenes and title screen and stuff dont look up to snuff. everything else is balla.

  • Sorry

    I don't mean to rip on this at all. It looks awesome and its obviously free.. But one thing I don tlike is when somebody remakes a game and it looks like what I remember the game being. I wait for the big surprise and it looks like streets of rage to me. Now if i actually went back i'm sure i'd see a huge difference. but i'm not goign back. So its like.. its ….. its what i played when i was a kid. It looks like what i remember. All my old nes games looked amazing in my head and i dont need to be reminded that they werent what i thought.

  • Elephantfluff

    There are SOOO MANY new things in this game that I'm not even sure what you mean, sorry. This game is CLEARLY different than Streets of Rage. If you pop in Streets of Rage 1 and compare it side by side to this one…. hell, you don't even need to. There are so many different routes, characters, and completely redone art. You can have a CPU partner now, you can select your route, there's a menu option for you to unlock extra features, you can open the editor and make something cool… There's just so much to this game it really feels like a labor of love.

    If your complaint is that it plays like streets of rage and has some stages from streets of rage I can kind of understand. But, when the game is named Streets of Rage Remake I think you need to take a step back and really give meaning to what you're critically examining.

  • Nail_Bombed

    This is awesome. Nothing else to say about this really. Except…. Grand Uppah!

  • Rk

    i hate it when your dickhead friend takes all the apples even though he has full health and you don't

  • Luke Toomey

    Yeah, I'm assuming that this is either a pair of AIs, or one complete tool partnered with an idiot AI.

  • Nail_Bombed

    Alright, fuck Sega now. Fuck them in their ear. They've contacted Bombergames about SoRr and want it taken off.

  • Al3xand3r

    Fuck Sega why exactly? This isn't really a remake, it's more of a remix, and includes original sega content ripped straight from all three SoR games, from level backgrounds to character sprites to sound effects. Sega's in the right here, whether you really really really wanted to play an unlicenced SoR for free or not.

  • Consumatopia

    Dang it, couldn't these fan games plan for the inevitable takedown notice and just stay underground? Release whatever content they want to release by p2p. I don't understand how they can find the motivation to work on something that's so darn likely to just disappear.

  • anthonyflack

    Do these things ever really disappear?

    If it gets taken down, and you've downloaded it, why not start hosting it on P2P yourself?

  • Consumatopia

    Actually, I hadn't gotten around to downloading it. But I do wonder how reliably random people who download a file and ad hoc decide to share it manage to preserve these projects.

    And a situation like this, where the project is (I guess) complete and then a takedown is (apparently) issued is the best case scenario. I've never heard of a situation where an unfinished project is threatened and work continues on it underground–so if it doesn't disappear, it's, at best, frozen.

    Not to mention that if these projects maintained at least a fig leaf of obfuscation, some game company legal departments might find it easier to ignore them–trademark law only requires you to go after the violations you know about.

  • BobFixIt

    Bastards stifling fan creativity…especially when it's well made.

    Mirrors :

  • Xdiesp

    Games from 20 years ago nobody gives a shit about anymore, BUT these very same people who tweak them for nostalgia purposes. That Sega drove its IP down into the ground is under the eyes of everyone, that it doesn't accept help from its friends make them just scroungers of broken promises. Or maybe we should better terrorize old fans while they slap an emulator and filter for yet another shitty XBLA release? That won't backfire at all.

  • Erik

    No need to get worked up just yet people. Sega has known about this project since v4 and they allowed it to be distributed back then as long as the creators refrained from nicking artwork from all over the place (Capcom gfx etc). Doesn't make sense to suddenly pull a cease-and-desist now after 3 years of knowing about it. I'm guessing Sega simply wants some revisions to be made to SorR in order to make sure it doesn't infringe on anyone else's copyrights. Or somesuch.

  • Hypersapien

    Keep in mind that it's Sega of Europe that's being a bitch. Sega of America and Sega of Japan apparently gave the game their blessing.

  • Moose

    In fact, if they allowed it to be distributed for more than 30 days while knowing about it and without writing a formal license, then any copyrights they claim it violates, they have surrendered through inaction. Oops :)

  • Guest

    Bullshit, no way they gave it their blessing, more like the dev e-mailing them, not getting a response, and then counting that as an “OK”. how many kids who send e-mail to Sega do you think get responses? Ridiculous.