Don’t Take It Personally, Babe…

By: Derek Yu

On: April 12th, 2011

Don't Take It Personally, Babe, by Christine Love

Don’t Take It Personally, Babe, It Just Ain’t Your Story is a Ren’Py visual novel by Christine Love, and the spiritual sequel to Digital: A Love Story. Set in the year 2027, the novel takes place in a high school literature class and is about “the erosion of privacy, gay drama, young sexuality, and the perils of modern online life”. You play a young teacher who, unbeknownst to his seven new students, has access to all of their online communication.

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  • takua108

    This game is really good. There's a few parts to it that are kind of clunky and the inconsistent art style (due to multiple artists having worked on the project) might be more of a turn-off for some than for others, but… this game is really, really good. I've never played a visual novel before, and I probably won't ever again, because this game pretty much covered everything that I think the genre can do for me.

  • Fontez


  • Narvius

    I rarely ever play visual novels, but this one is awesome. Really.
    The constant BLLLINGing and messages distracting you from the dialogues is just soooo fitting.

  • MarkTrinos

    I greatly enjoyed this visual novel and the way its plot built up. However, the game broke its own momentum with an awful twist and a bad ending.

  • Dahn

    “I've heard there is an unusual twist at the ending”

  • BinarySplit

    This game is amazing. I was hooked from the beginning and played it all in one 3 hour sitting.

  • BinarySplit

    The ending was weird and not really related to most of the storyline up to that point, but it did give closure. And the journey there was awesome.

  • m knight shemalien

    after “digital a love story” bugged out and did not allow me to progress i am very excited to play this new game!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gnome

    Not as good as Digital: A Love Story, but still an excellent if idiosyncratic piece of interactive storytelling. Sports some interesting mechanics too.

  • Ksos

    This was a excellent, innovative, piece of literature-
    it would be a instant classic if the art was updated to be more consistent.
    But it was still super effective- its totes legit bro.

  • rinkuhero

    this game is great and my recommendation isn't worth anything but this is the best indie game i played this year (although there wasn't much competition)

  • Narvius

    I actually finished it in one session. I was disappointed by the §”%!&?$ ending, but it wasn't bad enough to spoil the general impression.
    It's great.

  • Zuriki

    I really enjoyed the game, one of the only visual novels I've managed to sit through, but to sit through and be thoroughly entertained; that's a feat!

    I had my niggles with parts of it of course, I hated Ichigo's part. It seemed so disconnecting, there were no choices and Rook made some incredibly stupid decisions, I know he was anxious and everything but you don't just blurt out a confession, you wait for the other person to talk first. Plus I didn't like the speech either, it tried to explain what it was talking about but only ended up getting more twisted in the definitions.

    As for Arianna's storyline, apparently it was intended to make you feel creepy. I can say, I did not feel creepy at all. In the end, Rook seems like he'll be a nice guy and Arianna seems to have gotten what she wanted. Besides, she's 17 – that's practically legal anyway, right?

    Pro tip: There's boobies in this game. Instant success for me. :D loljk

  • Guest

    you mean “there hasn't been much competition”

  • Anonymous

    Arianna is the only admirer I wanted to be rude to. Usually, if I have someone pining after my character, I try to be nice to them if not take them up on their offer, but here, I just wanted to ask her who the hell she thinks she is, why she feels entitled to anything from me and which part of “no” she didn’t effing understand.