Ace of Spades Beta 0.26

By: Derek Yu

On: April 15th, 2011

Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades is a team-based online multiplayer deathmatch game that could be adequately described as “Minecraft with rifles”. It pits two teams of up to 16 against each other, with players vying to bring back a briefcase of intel from their opponents’ base to score. What makes the game so fun is the use of constructible/destructible terrain – you can easily build bunkers, trenches, tunnels, bridges, and forts with the provided tools (some clever players are even making decoys using colored blocks). Taking out the bottom blocks of a structure will send the entire thing crumbling down.

Someone put up a guide for Ace of Spades here that explains everything you need to know about playing. To join a game, simply run the installer, go to the game’s website, and click on one of the listed servers. It may take you a while to find one that works (the game will always pop-up a message to tell you if there’s a problem, so be patient).

PROTIP: Hit Ctrl after jumping to jump out of the water, otherwise you won’t make it onto the block. This is in the guide, but I know some of you will want to start playing without reading it too carefully!

  • Jeye

    because the mainstream thinks creativity is too risky

  • fog

    Well I tried again today (even before the master server went down since it's been out for some hours) and had NO luck after trying server after server for an hour or two. Definitely got lucky yesterday.

  • blunt

    good game, massive potential. It even says on the website that the game is barely ready to be played and the creator put it up just cause it works…… just cuz u cant get a game to work doesnt mean its not front page potential. I never wouldve known of the games existance if it wasnt put up.

  • Benji

    /me is glad this was posted front page, having major connection troubles but the few minutes I've played so far have been completely worth it.

  • Consumatopia

    Aw, really? That sucks.

    Still, “here's a cute trick to let you jump a couple inches higher which lets you get to some obscure bonuses” is different from “here's a trick you absolutely need to know if you ever want to escape water without resetting your connection”. Crouch-jump doesn't belong in a Minecraft-ish world in which all jumps are the same height. It would be like making a Mario Kart game in which snaking were necessary in order to finish the race.

    At the very least, failing to use crouch-jump to get out of water should cause the player to (slowly and vulnerably) hoist themselves out of water.

  • Mayama

    Dunno but for me its part of fps shooters since I guess quake so it was logical to use it if you want to reach places that you cant without it. Look at popular fps games like counterstrike the maps are designed so you need jump/crouch on some places.

  • Consumatopia

    Does CS have the equivalent of the AoS “water” traps –large areas dividing the map that you get stuck in if you don't know about crouch-jumps?

    In any event, while I can see how if you really know the loopholes of FPS hitbox anti-physics it would seem natural, in reality if I can jump high enough that I hit my knees off a platform, I should be able to climb up it. So what was something of a delightful quirk in other games on par with rocket jumping becomes something of a game breaker in a game where all the platforms are the same height apart.

  • Zuriki

    But you're far more likely to just forget about it since you can't actually play it. I know I will. If the game was announced on this site when it was actually ready to play then hell, I'm sure I would have had a ball. As it is though, I will not and I will forget about it.

  • David Sharpe

    Sauerbraten sounds and looks pretty standard. What do you like so much about it that you can't get from say, Unreal Tournament?

  • Alex Ponebshek

    It could be described as “minecraft with the guns mod, only there's only one gun, only one block, and it only runs on windows”.

    I guess if you really love guns *and* can't figure out how to apply a minecraft mod, Ace of Spades is for you!

  • Alex Ponebshek

    I would love to hear how you got it to run on wine. I kept getting that “server is either misconfigured or full” error, until I gave up and played it on vmware.

  • Vania

    I'm not having connection problems but not having any fun either.


    srsly, what kind of gamer doesn't know how to crouch jump? get with it guys

  • Adam Harries

    I use the automatic server browser to keep trying servers for me, (… I get that error a lot too, but just try a different server, and eventually you'll get one that works.

  • Blade

    Forcing the player to crouch jump to get out of the water is pointless. It complicates the gameplay unnecessarily and just feels unpolished. Hopefully future revisions will address that. From a design standpoint, it's hardly a deal-breaker, but it -is- pretty much indefensible.

  • Thefrogmaster

    Wow, awesome game, I like the way it doesn't so much as copy minecraft as it does go back and start again with combat in mind. Obviously, server stuff needs work, but lots of fun to be had. But I do really want proper textures…

  • blunt

    My comp is old and has no probs running it besides the fact that only between 5-10% of the servers work (depending on the time) for me. IMHO its mostly laziness and impaitentness thats stopping people from playing.

    On top of that it just angers me when just cuz someone fails to get somthing to work, they come here and say “wtf take this bs of the front page cuz i cant play it”. Maybe thats just cuz my comp is old and im used to games not working for me.

  • Beau_JC

    I think it has serious potential. I tried to get in, as well without success. I am bummed, but I am excited for future versions!

  • AAA

    Seeing as there's talk of this being Minecraft with a gun mod… I guess the creativity part is debatable?
    A Cynic might say it's using the Minecraft hype to “sell” itself. Just like AAA franchises do with other titles.

    Sure looks like Minecraft, if nothing else.

  • Blha303

    This game gives me a stabbing headache whenever I look down. It's like being drunk!

  • Egor

    At what engine or written language game?

  • billy bob bo

    how can I get this?

  • iTzNightwolf

    I Miss 0.26 It Was Epic Im On 0.76