Teaser: Voxatron Editor

By: Derek Yu

On: April 22nd, 2011

Joseph “Lexaloffle” White has released a new teaser for his upcoming arena shoot ’em up Voxatron that shows off the game’s model editor. A polished version of the editor will ship with the final release.

  • Davioware

    Game looks really cool. Voxels need more love. They have so much potential.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Klrtcnwqkle-Wehwjswl/1052050690 Klrtcnwqkle Wehwjswl

    By the way. コルルトの匙悪魔 is out.


  • Eobet

    So wonderful!

    The editor looks as fun as Minecraft.

  • Brogamer

    Is this inspired by 3D Dot Heroes?

  • Theon

    This looks so sweet, but why the microscopic screen size?

  • Hemebond

    I will be very disappointed if there is no Linux release of this game.

  • Benji


  • Banana

    Is this inspired by every voxel game out there?

  • http://s.hryx.net/ hryx

    The most fitting application I can think of for arena voxels is another Robotoron 2084 remake.

  • http://s.hryx.net/ hryx

    The blog post linked in the article says the editor is “like a cross between Blender and Emacs”. Perhaps that is at least a sign of the developer's awareness of Linux? We can hope.

  • Banana

    I've heard it's PC and Mac only. And for mac it just uses the windows simulator.

  • Banana


  • anthonyflack

    Considering I saw the voxel engine this was built on running some (other) prototype games many, many, years ago, I'm going to go say “no”, it predates the current fashion for voxels, it just takes Joseph a long time to finish what he starts sometimes.

  • Guess-T

    Yes this is Robotoron based

  • http://twitter.com/lexaloffle Lexaloffle Games

    I use Linux almost exclusively for development now (including for Windows builds). So, yep.

  • http://twitter.com/SmallCaveGames Carl Van Ostrand

    looks gorgeous “BOOM”

  • texit

    anthony flack did you just say it takes someone else a long time to finish what they start
    anthony flack, that's a pretty good joke there