Braid at GameCity 2010

By: Derek Yu

On: April 30th, 2011

In September 2010, at the UK game festival GameCity, Jonathan Blow spent over an hour playing through Braid and providing commentary. This is a shaky-cam recording of the session, which, according to Jonathan, is “by far the most I’ve said about Braid in one place”.

His current project is The Witness, a first-person puzzler – you can follow the game’s development here.

  • Tony13

    wow, just awesome

  • Tony13

    what's the game with the three coins he's referring to?

  • lumberbaron

    Johnathan Blow is also the guy that said any form of help no the game ruins the experience, so I guess that would mean watching him play the game online is against his beliefs?

  • SirNiko

    I think the assumption is that everyone in attendance has already played the game, so what he is providing is of no more help than offering an answer everyone already had.

  • Gillman

    Fair enough. Didn't he also say something at one point about not wanting to spoil what the game was really about for people? Don't get me wrong I think he is totally entitled to do whatever he wants with his own art –I am also not am not someone who has a right to complain as I own the game on the 360 and PC– and I thought the way there was insanely hidden content in the game was an awesome extra, but some of his comments after the game first came out almost seemed like if you couldn't figure out the game on your own it was your fault and you should feel bad for it.

  • Tom (I_smell)

    Yeah this was fairly interesting. Some good points on how to make levels which I'm sure are common sense to him, but I got value out of.

  • Seraph

    I don't think so… John probably just wants people to have a good experience with his game. I certainly did.

  • James

    Wait, wait. You could *pause* time? That's definitely something I didn't know going through the game.

    I also kinda wish he'd spent more time talking about the Epilogue. I guess it's not very important from an overall gameplay standpoint, but I vaguely remember being pretty confused about what was going on there.