Frozen Synapse Beta: Single-Player Campaign

By: Derek Yu

On: May 5th, 2011

Mode 7 Games has released a 55-mission single-player campaign to the Frozen Synapse beta that puts you in the middle of a power struggle between competing factions. The missions are slightly randomized with each playthrough, and run the gamut from escorts to assassinations to robberies. Along the way, a cast of characters will either help or hinder you.

The developers describe the single-player game in more detail here. There’s also a coupon that gives you 30% off the $25.99 price (“STANCHER” is the keyword). If you pre-order, you and a friend get instant access to the beta, including the new single-player campaign, as well as the full version of the game once it’s released later this year.

  • Fran├žois Gutherz


    The music on this trailer is completely off-topic, but beautiful indeed.

    I'd be curious to know where it came from, is it the game OST ?

  • Cave Johnson


    Yes the music is from the OST. I pre-ordered this game quite some time ago only to get my hands on the OST, it's amazing :)

  • Cave Johnson

    I forgot to mention, the artist who created the soundtrack is called “nervous_testpilot” and the track used in this video is called “Deeper”. Check out if you wanna hear some of his other stuff.

  • Michael Schnier

    Looks like a neat spin on X-Com.

  • Matzerath

    Frozen Synapse deserves a lot of attention. The addition of the single player levels hit it out of the park.

  • Luke Cassar

    I kind of stopped playing when I lost every single match I'd ever played (apart from my first match.. but that was REALLY lucky).. so Single player gave me something to play to get the hang of the game again, and even tried my luck at the multiplayer again and won :D

  • offal

    the new interface is great

  • blunblun

    Just another minecraft ripoff

  • Benji

    lol, agreed.