By: Lorne Whiting

On: May 12th, 2011

Cinders is an upcoming visual novel, set apart from the rest of the genre by… not being anime-inspired, and having gorgeous art production. It’s being developed by the newly formed MoaCube, which is pretty much just a legitimized version of the ArcMagi development team– albeit with the addition of artist and casual games industry veteran Gracjana “Vinegar” Zielinska. The game itself is a retelling of the Cinderella fairytale, travelling the ever popular path of un-Disneyifying classic stories (no word yet on whether there will be third-person shooter sequences). It’s set to be released some time this summer.

The Moacube website also contains development updates on ArcMagi, and has a new site for AM’s predecessor, Magi.

  • Zecks

    No. Hell no. He knew that simply mentioning anime would cause a huge shitstorm and just had to go there. People like him are why we can't have tolerable things.

  • Guest

    not really, upload anything to newgrounds and there's a high possibility you'll be trolled.

  • anthonyflack

    I thought the original posting was about a game in development, not your hentai fetish which nobody is interested in discussing.

  • Zecks

    way to continue with posting dumb shit

  • Zecks

    gonan like my own comments so people check them out

  • Artistsarewhinyidiots

    I don't particularly like it, I think it's over-rendered and the characters in my opinion look stiff and soulless. All we can see of the game for now is the graphics, so it's all I can comment on. 
    All the discussion on anime, manga and whatnot is pretty boring. 

    Seeing the reaction to the posts here I feel the need to point out this is my personal opinion, that's all. Feel free to dismiss it and stay where you are.

  • Guest

    i don't like this art style wah wah wah!
    i don't like manga and anime wah wah wah!
    fags! f'serious!

  • offal

    paul you need to stop talking about yourself all the time we sincerely don't care ok

    game looks nice

  • rinkuhero

    the hundreds of questions i get on formspring asking me questions about myself, as would the 2400 people who follow my twitter, or even the three “likes” that comment received, would say otherwise. but sure, i admit that some people don't care about me, that's natural. most people don't. i don't care about me either most of the time. 

    but apparently some people do, some of the time, particularly when i talk about things that i've experience or knowledge about, such as my 15 year history of making indie games. so it's not *me* that people care about, it's the knowledge and experiences i've built up over those years, because sometimes it can help others.

    but i don't particularly see how my comment was about me at all? i was just saying that this is the first time i saw anyone besides me do this, and that it's good to see?

    if anything your comment is more about you than my comment was about me–since you're just talking about yourself, saying that you don't like to hear about me, even if you're disguising it by mistakenly extrapolating it to everyone besides yourself as well.

  • rinkuhero

    telling someone they suck at their job over the internet based on a single piece of artwork that you don't like (but is still pretty competent) is pretty much the definition of trolling –  there's very little chance you said that to help them improve their artistic ability rather than as a put-down

  • rinkuhero

    your last paragraph you posted seems to contradict with the name you posted the comment under. if you read the comment and don't look at the name, the comment looks pretty fair — but your moniker ruins it

    (basically i 'liked' the comment and then 'unliked' it when i noticed your name — both literally and figuratively)

  • rinkuhero

    i really don't think anyone could have predicted these comments

    but hey good publicity for cinders — any controversy is good controversy

    also as someone who playtested of the game all i can say so far is that it's very polished — the art is basically all that's there in the game besides the engine right now, there isn't much story yet (at least in the version i played). but i expect teegee will do a great job with the game because i have confidence in his abilities because i played his previous game.

  • rinkuhero

    even those without sexual content can still be sexualized, though. a game doesn't have to be have sexual content to have a girl with big breasts or a girl in a bikini. sexual content just means there are sexual scenes or nudity. if a game just has 'fan service' it won't get the sexual content label. and pretty much every japanese VN has a lot of 'fan service' even if it doesn't have sex scenes.

  • Seraph

    4chan has more civility than TIGSource.  FUCK THIS PLACE.  Disgraceful.

  • HumanCitizen

    Somebody should make a visual novel based on the TIGSource comment box.  The story will be, that you're a game developer walking into a room filled with talking flames, horny beasts, and giant angry penises.  One of the penises can be named dakorma.

    There could also be a hidden object sidequest where you try to find the logic and reason in the room.  Very hard!

  • Anonspasrfgh


    nice try

  • Klrtcnwqkle Wehwjswl

    For some reason I don't think you (or anyone in this thread, for that matter) are a reliable source on what every Japanese VN does or doesn't have.

    That aside, even you're right (and you're not), having “fan service” isn't enough to label a visual novel as porn like ANtY and Lorne Whiting did.

  • Klrtcnwqkle Wehwjswl

    You're right, I didn't said that to improve their artistic ability. Because I don't want them to improve their artistic ability.

  • Guest

    It's true that some people have been too aggressive up there, but it's also true that the artist in question isn't exactly conducting herself with grace and maturity. She's being argumentative, dismissive and condescending, just because some people don't think her art is 'gorgeous' and suck at articulating why (or being polite about it).

    Just because people are being childish to you it doesn't give you an excuse to be childish back; “whiny idiot” might by rude, but it's not a million miles from the truth. Up there you said “any controversy is good controversy”, but I have to disagree; I'm less interested in spending money on a game when I know it's going to go to people who behave like that.