Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars

By: Derek Yu

On: May 24th, 2011

Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars, by Anna Anthropy

Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars is the latest game from Anna Anthropy (although it was released a couple of months ago). Based on the classic arcade game Wizard of Wor, it puts you in the role of one of the titular Spider-Queens as she attempts to put down a slave revolt and find the source of the rebellion. Instead of a gun, your character has a crystal staff that automatically ensnares and draws in slaves from the direction you’re facing. Zapping someone releases a collectible crystal in the opposite direction, forcing you to move around the map if you want a high score. It’s a well-designed game with fair challenge and plenty of fun touches.

TIGdb: Entry for Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars

  • anthonyflack

    ^ Still not me.

  • anthonyflack

    The only embarrassment comes from bringing up anything on the TIGsource troll-strip instead of less cretinous private developer forums where nobody is childish enough to claim that I'm scared of lesbians or I am only a pretend game developer, and maybe even have a proper fucking discussion.

  • Imperius Q. Lovejoy

    Glad you continue to grace us here at the 'troll-strip', you seem to fit in quite nicely, pal.

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    (I can't spell)

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    'There's no way she can say with any certainty that her fetishistic depictions of lesbians aren't characteristic of her male physiology, for example.'They're pixels who fucking cares

  • gäst

    wow. you're a fucking idiot. you must be real weak-minded.

  • gäst

    so i like this game – i mean, i think it's well done and all, but when it comes to transgenderism… yeah. thing is, it hasn't really been PROVEN that transgendered people actually are born “with the wrong bodies.” how could it be proven, and how could that work? queer philosophy actually kind of goes AGAINST this kind of thinking, ironically, since it suggests that gender is a social construct. 

    and as a social construct, a woman would be a person that has gone through a certain process of growing up as a woman (regarding certain normative rules), and not just someone with tits and long hair. deciding that you are a woman after having grown up as a man (or, if not exactly a man, at least clearly not a woman) and without, really, knowing anything about that being a woman entails to a person that generally is considered to be a woman is, to me.. well.. how much analysis is involved?

    i'd still like to point out that i am strictly speaking about the ideas of MAN and WOMAN, not MALE and FEMALE.

  • NetscapePizza

    ok… we get it you're into BDSM. don't see why your entire creative output has to be so full of it. 

    It's a like listening to a broken record