King Arthur’s Gold Build 40

By: Derek Yu

On: May 29th, 2011

King Arthur's Gold

King Arthur’s Gold is a team-based, online multiplayer versus platformer that’s already lots of fun, even in beta. The game features three player classes that you can switch to at your team’s home base. The builder can dig, mine, and build all kinds of structures, including doors and catapults; the knight has a powerful melee attack and uses a shield and bombs; the archer has a long range attack. To win the game, your team has to accumulate gold through a combination of mining and pillaging.

Hit the jump for some footage of KAG in action (a couple weeks old):

  • Haberdasher

    This game looks fun and I can't wait to play it with my friends

    inb4 “ripoff of [x]”

  • Travis Adamczyk

    Reminds me of King Arthur's Court.

  • Alehkhs

    Ha, I saw you were looking at this on the forums and debated whether or not to race you for an article.

  • Klrtcnwqkle Wehwjswl

    Reminds me of Digcraft.

  • Banana

    this game is a minecraft ripoff

  • Eagle0600

    ripoff of Infiniminer!!1!11

    On a more serious note, this actually does look like a more fleshed-out Infiniminer. I'm looking forward to it.

  • Eagle0600

    I hope for humanity's sake that you're joking. It's more like Infiniminer anyway.

  • W. Hwang

    You're a fruit.

  • bobusdoleus

    Now there's Terraria and competitive multiplayer Terraria! Woo. Except that I'm not into competitive multiplayer games. For the rest of you, woo.

  • alastair_jack

    spacewar! ripoff

  • Tithian

    ..Everyone is ripoffs of primordial ooze.

  • Guest

    It's obviously a Cave Story ripoff.

  • WaveringRadiant

    hey guys, stop being dicky

  • WhiteGlint

    Ace of Spades ripoff

  • Hideous

    Check out Wiki and forum.

  • WTForoid

    This game is an exact ripoff of that brilliant game i'm going to develop in 4 years or so when I finally got off my lazy ass and stopped trolling on websites that have i kinda forget what i was talking about, but that game looks really nice.

  • Arne Döring

    add the linux tag. Looks like an old game called King Arthurs World

  • Rivon

    Terraria rip-off

  • bob

    it's a mix between final fantasy 7, terraria, and cow waste

  • Ryan Szrama

    It's like a medieval Masjin (entry in the Versus Compo). Cool!  : )

  • Some Guy

    I'm still pretty interested in playing this game. I thought Terraria might be a fun game, but the art seemed pretty unpolished to the point that it would bother me while playing it. This looks like the way to go.

    Unfortunately, it seems like the artwork was heavily inspired if not used as a direct template as well as the general gameplay. If this is intentional they should probably mention King Arthur's World somewhere, right? Just sayin'.

  • Syrion

    I guess going with the trend it would actually have to be called a rip-off of a rip-off (Terraria) of a rip-off (Minecraft) of Infiniminer.

    Judging only from the video, it looks a bit very basic, but promising!

  • Gabriel Verdon


  • zeekthegeek

    This game actually was in development before Terraria, and before Minecraft was huge even :D Looks cool

  • Phubans

    The HUD could use some work.

  • Dorobou

    After spending some time playing it, I can say it is surprisingly awesome.

  • Max Cahill

    It was inspired by King Arthur's World (the first blog post is just a KAW video) but all of the art is from scratch, by me. It's a little insulting to suggest that any of it was traced.

  • Alehkhs

    Shh, the zealots will hear you…

  • S3k70r666

    ripoff ripoff

  • Brian Long

    Linux and no OSX?

  • grcgigb yzdfa

    It's not that weird. Unfortunately, it happens with a good amount of programs. I tried to run King Arthur's Gold with Wine which is another program that has no OSX version on the main site, only linux.

    But anyway, the game “runs” in wine. I installed it fine and it booted up fine. I had about 65 FPS in the menu (2.26 core 2 duo + 9400M) but when I start a single player game the FPS drops to 10 – 20. Shortly after the game will say it can't connect and the only way I could leave (the only thing I could do besides scroll the camera) the single player game was to command quit. Booted it up once more and clicked on join servers but there were no servers and refreshing just brings up an “authenticating” box that never does anything and can be clicked away at any time.

    I did just get Terraria running in Wine though (it was a pain). So, while Wine isn't the best option it's usually a decent option.

  • Blah

    Jesus, I'm gonna make a game where you jump on stuff just to see how many people say Mario ripoff.

  • Zecks

    Nobody? It's a REALLY common mechanic, and most internet dumbasses aren't THAT simple.
    (Kongregate would do it at best)

  • Prof

    Nice use of the Wilhelm Scream.

  • Guest

    World of Warcraft Ripoff

  • Arnar103

    Looks great, too bad i can't play since I'm on a Mac.

  • maclover

    there is a mac version available