La Mulana Japanese Release Date Set

By: Derek Yu

On: June 1st, 2011

After a number of delays (not the least of which was the terrible Japanese earthquake that hit earlier this year), La Mulana passed its final check for Japanese WiiWare and has announced a release date of June 21st in Japan. It’s currently going through final check for North American and Europe and the release dates for those areas will be announced later (some time after E3, according to the Nicalis twitter).


  • Beel the Bub

    This looks awesome!
    Too bad i don't have a Wii…

  • WaveringRadiant

    WOW, looks insane. Very very good… I don't have a Wii but I may grab one used if I find it for cheap just to play that. I'd love to see it released on PC :(

  • Evan Balster

    This will probably be the hardest game on the Wii when it's released.

  • jay

    looks nice! maybe i will finally play this game ( the original was a tad to oldschool for me)

  • Francis Coulombe


  • Francis Coulombe

    I really love their remakes of the background music too. It seems so difficult to “update” a retro 8bit style song to a relatively more modern sound while still keeping a strong melody. Usually the melody becomes lost in bells and whistles and the songs seem more bland than the originals. They did a great job with em!

  • srduncan

    great post! looks solid. i love platformer posts derek. keep 'em comin.  I remember the days of jumper redux and that delightful serious.  rescue the beagles.  Knytt stories. This post gives me hope for the future of platformers.  Has anyone played any solid platformers recently (adventure or challenge). currently playing through super mario bros x with my roomate :)

  • iffi

    Now THIS is how you remake a game!

    If only I had a Wii…

  • Rabbit monger

    this is cave story clone

  • Rabbit monger

    Die! haha! :D

  • Geuwt

    You're an animal aggregator.

  • soundofvictory

    I… honestly don't get it.  This doesn't seem anything like La Mulana.  This is all set-piece action and ridiculous boss fights when the original game was about exploration, puzzle solving, and old-school platforming.

  • iffi

    I don't see why you think it's not about exploration and puzzle solving anymore. I'm sure that the stuff that made La-Mulana great is still there, but it's a lot easier to show the action and boss fights in a trailer (not to mention that it shows off the graphics for those who have already played the PC version and want to see what's new for the Wiiware release).

  • iffi

    this is cave story improvement