Wanderlust: Rebirth enters Open Beta

By: Alehkhs

On: June 1st, 2011

Wanderlust - 01

Online co-op rpg Wanderlust: Rebirth entered open beta today, allowing interested players to experience a polished preview of the game before its planned launch on June 14th.

TIGSource has covered the game here before, and it’s exciting to see the game so close to release after almost five years in development. The beta spans the prologue and the first three chapters, includes a tutorial, as well as collectible gear and an item-crafting system. Characters created in the beta will be available once the final game releases, giving a nice head-start to those who play the beta.

The creators have posted a short series of videos of them playing the game cooperatively, and another series of them playing the game’s “Crawl” mode (which will be available in the full game), which sees them fighting wave after wave of enemies in an effort to place on an online high-score board.

Once the game releases, it will be sold either as single copies, or in packages of two, three, or even four games together at an overall discount, so be sure to jump online and bring a friend or three to check out Wanderlust: Rebirth.

  • danny.G

    You post just one screenshot and it is a title screen, seriously?

  • Alehkhs


  • http://twitter.com/princessmiwi princessmiwi

    Oh, much better xD

  • ryan

    This was certainly a fun party game in 2008, I thought it was dead!

  • Donald Baird

    I remember this back when it was THE best game maker MMO out there.

  • Fnugget

    Blast from the past, can't wait to get home from work to see this again.

  • http://twitter.com/griffinmatta Matthew Griffin

    We've just been steadily working on the game over the years (in “true indie fashion”)! We're so glad we're finally able to release the entire game! Hop on now to get a taste of the game (and to see if it will run on your computers).

    NOTE: Anti-virus programs hate our game because our game accesses the internet through TCP/IP protocol. If you have any issues starting the game, you may have to change settings on your Anti-Virus software.

    See you guys online! =D

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QXVSPVTHV5K52PWUFRBEQ52354 grcgigb yzdfa

    Wanderlust! Hah! I'm yet another person who remembers this legendary indie game. Game works fine on Wine in OSX. I completed the tutorial and then joined a server and played for a bit. Still a lot of fun :)

  • elzhi

    I can't connect whatsoever :(

  • Guest

    As long as it's impossible to solo in this game, a dead multiplayer is a huge drawback.¬† Even worse than that in my book is the fact that they still use “epic” and “for the win”.

  • D2king10

    If you are referring to connecting to peoples games, than it is because their router isn't port forwarded. If you can't connect to reflect, then it is more than likely a router issue.

  • D2king10

    It isn't impossible to solo, it is just a challenge. Co-op games are made with one thing in mind, Co-op. We wanted the game to have some level of challenge, otherwise people would just blow through the game and call it done.

    Look at Demon Souls, that game requires insane amount of patience and skill, yet people praise it for that. But when an indie title is released that involves players learning how to play the game, people complain.

    As for the “epic” and “for the win”, I can't deny that! It must be our inner nerds shinning out because of our excitement for the release!

    Hope everyone that tries the game out is enjoying it, and feel free to post on our forums if you need help with anything.

  • poo pee

    penis penis penis penis

  • Xakreuji

    I can't imagine this game going far. So many lackluster ideas (the Tide of Battle, the fact that enemies don't drop money, equipment pricing scaling is awful, the list goes on), and the huge emphasis on multiplayer will pretty much spell this game's doom. It could have been so much fun, too.

  • http://twitter.com/griffinmatta Matthew Griffin

    The game is in Open Beta for a reason… we want to get some feedback from our player-base before launching the full game. Any suggestions you have for improving the game will be considered and appreciated!

    (Enemies drop money, but you don't get it until the end of the chapter, in one lump sum). Also, hosting a server on your downtime (for other players to join) earns you money. I have over 20k tokens on my new Alchemist because I left my server up overnight.