Desktop Dungeons Demo Playable During E3

By: Derek Yu

On: June 7th, 2011

For the next three days, you can try out a browser-based build of Desktop Dungeons (Unity plugin required). This is the demo that QCF Design is showing off at E3.

  • Blodyavenger

    I tried it and it's so much better than free version. Of course, it lacks sound effects but when the game is out, it will tremble the world with it's awesomenes :)

  • Guest

    Kinda boring…. :(

  • Non

    Anyone else have the skills to click the like button instead of reply?

    Anyway, how could you say that? The demo is rough as all hell with a terrible UI and you call it “so much better than free version”, which is polished quite nicely, thank you.
    Viral much?

    Either way it's a good thing they're showing this demo, since the changes are pretty substantial.
    From what I played the down-stairs only served as teleporters (annoying) or shortcuts to loot-rooms.
    The addition of an inventory and conversion points changes the mechanic of the game a bit, since items bought now take up inventory slots too, and glyphs have a chance of appearing multiple times. Potions stack up to 5 (6?) in a single inventory slot.
    What you end up with is a situation where your inventory is cluttered with potions, items and 1-2 runes. (Sure, you start with a lot more money in the demo etc etc)
    IMHO, it's not an improvement over the freeware version.

    The up-stairs to exit the dungeon and retire are completely useless considering the freeware version had a small button which accomplished the exact same thing.

    The only improvements from freeware version are the graphics (woop woop) and the ability to spend money to upgrade things once you return from the dungeon. Something which is very common in games these days.

    All in all I think they're throwing away most of the straightforwardness of the freeware version in order to create… THIS thing.

  • Blodyavenger

    Maybe I went too far with first impression? Anyway, I like the new UI and graphics but I don't like that city area (GUI for that part). For the gameplay, I like the change where inventory is used for items / glyphs and potions because you have to choose wisely what to keep with you.  And item selection at the beginning – well, I think that's nice addition as well. I wasn't looking just at the demo itself because of course, demo version doesn't offer more than free at the moment but thinking about the final product, I'm sure it will be polished and have much more than a free version.
    This is just my opinion which I'm free to have :)