Vertex Dispenser

By: Derek Yu

On: June 11th, 2011

Vertex Dispenser is a clever RTS where the goal is to overrun your opponents on abstract 3d worlds, claiming your territory vertex by vertex. The most interesting aspect of the game, in my opinion, is the resource management – resources come in seven different flavors, from blue, the least valuable, all the way up to white. The more nodes of a color you own, the faster that resource replenishes, but what color a node becomes when you tag it is dependent on the colors of the adjacent nodes. Specifically, it defaults to the lowest value color that is not present in the adjacent nodes. White, the most difficult color to obtain (because it requires that all six adjacent nodes are different colors), yields the most powerful abilities, and blue the weakest.

Getting the most out of the nodes requires some simple puzzle-solving, but it becomes much more difficult on a constantly changing battlefield where opponents are also expanding and poking at your defenses. It’s a cool idea, and despite the serenity of the abstract audiovisuals, Vertex Dispenser is pretty exciting to play at higher difficulties. The game comes with a single-player campaign, puzzle and battle modes, and the ability to play multiplayer games across platform (Windows/Macintosh).

  • iffi

    I'm usually not a fan of RTS's, but this looks pretty interesting!

  • bateleur

    I desperately need some more free time so I can actually play this. I wish someone would post a video of a VS match so I can get a sense of how that works.

  • Gnome

    I just love abstract RTSs. They are just so abstract and RTSy…

  • brog

    hey, here's a recording of a 2 vs 2 AI game I did a while back:
    This was a few months ago, so there've been some graphical improvements since then (in particular the UI stuff on the right of the screen), but it should give you some idea!  I'll record a multiplayer match in a bit.

  • bateleur

    Cool – thanks! That looks like it could get really intense with four human players!

  • Freakcion

    If only they used a readable typography … looks terrible and outdated.

    Tried the demo, mild impresions about that. Guess that when you get non-planar maps and ignore the hand-drawn letters … it might get fun

  • Gabriel Verdon

    It's basically a worse looking version of Star-Twine (

  • Anonymous

    I had a look at the Star Twine video and it looks nothing like this game.

  • Gabriel Verdon


  • GRX01

    Agreeing with Anonymous, I've actually played Star-Twine and it is nothing like Vertex Dispenser.