WGRealms 2

By: Derek Yu

On: June 16th, 2011

What better way to celebrate (or erase the memory of) the release of Duke Nukem Forever than with a Duke Nukem 3d total conversion from 2009. Duke 3d not required! I’ll let Türbo Bröther take it from here (source):

In WGRealms 2, Duke Nukem fires homing rockets at a Cyberdemon who has a plasma rifle and when it explodes twice its body’s supply of blood and organs fly out in all directions in a glorious hommage to nineties first person shooters.

We could go on for days about its use of resources from other games but I am so over that. This is about how damn cool the game is. I thought that version 1.1 was off the hook but v1.2 attaches proximity mines to it and uses the explosion to swing through the window whilst shooting lightning and minotaurs. This is basically the game that I’ve wanted since I was sixteen. The guns are spot on, the monsters despite coming from a bunch of different games fit well with each other which is either surprising or telling of the tastes of game designers and there’s the exact amount of gore that I’ve been looking for. And the levels are huge and are very much “of the era”.

I’m talking levels that are even bigger than the levels in something like Jedi Knight which had massive levels. Seriously, you could complete three episodes of DooM in the time it takes to get through Chaos Realms alone. It can be a bit much at times but you get, like, ten save slots. Take a break, have a shower, go play some Outrun 2006 and fall asleep in the afternoon sun then get back in there and frag some more undead battle skeletons.

Watch the trailers on its Mod DB entry, look at some screenshots and if you aren’t totally pumped by the end nothing will get you in the mood. Well, maybe that minigun. Or those pipe bombs.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QXVSPVTHV5K52PWUFRBEQ52354 grcgigb yzdfa

    Hey I enjoyed some DNF. It was rough around the edges but where else am I going to get some new duke action. A relic of a long lost generation (although the levels sometimes felt like they were from generic mid 2000's shooters). But, who cares, I have an actual question.

    Is there a good way to play this campaign co-op? Back in somewhere 2004 – 2006 I played DN3D co-op BUT the cutscenes didn't activate and I had to select each level. It was also a pain to set up. I did a quick look for some of those open source engines that add all kinds of features and graphical enhancements but didn't see one? Even if it's just local/hotseat co-op that would be fantastic. After playing DNF I really did miss running around levels looking for key cards and secrets.

  • Gnome

    Impressive stuff!

  • http://twitter.com/nihilocrat kenny b

    I was pumped by the trailer but starting this game from the beginning is extremely frustrating. You will probably need to follow the walkthrough video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… to get anywhere. In my first 15 minutes of frustrating play I got to kill a single enemy plus some bees. I was only able to get further by looking at the walkthrough and finding the batshit insane way to get past the next obstacle.

    Jesus Christ this guy is missing the point or something. Maybe I just need to skip the first episode.

  • Guest

    Fuck, this is hard.
    Those possesed enemies take half my health per hit.
    I can't even beat the first level.

  • Zecks

    no, wgrealms is the first episode. dunno why they put them in that order.
    i understand having problems with siege breaker if you don't play that one first, but chances are that even it will have too much weird puzzle shit for some people. it's totally worth it though IMO.

    also the other two “episodes” are just single RIDICULOUSLY long levels.

  • Wrongtriad

    OMG! I hadn't played duke3D or any other 2.5D game in many years.  I normally don't go for this kind of stuff anymore, but on a whim i dug in.  I was hooked by the atmosphere and crazy big and creative level design. I stayed for the amazing action!!!  I absolutely love the currency aspect and awesome abilities.  What a romp!!!

  • http://twitter.com/nihilocrat kenny b

    Ok, it makes more sense now. I was just expecting something where I shot at crap and strafed around (like Duke3D or DooM) and not an exploration RPG.

  • DragonSix

    Too bad the trailer is deceiving about the game actually plays. I was expecting some good bloody Doom-like action, not some quite boring RPG/Exploration stuff with very few actual combat :[

  • DragonSix

    I sound overly negative, the game still seems good. But I wish it wasn't so slow at the beginning. Hopefully it gets quickly better.

  • Abc

    I think the game start will probably make most players quit the game. Here is some stuff i think it could make it better.
    1) Right at the begin of the first chapter i was messing around with the controls and didn't listen to the wizard tutorial, not only i wasted my magic powers making progression impossible but i also didn't knew what i had to do. Make the wizard regen your magic and put some text on screen on the next objective.
    2)Maps are way to big for a tutorial, no one is playing this for the grafics, at leastput some linear maps for the tutorial.
    3)You need to get 3 orbs in random places without even knowing how they work in a giant map. No good.
    4)Tutorials need to be linear, clear on the objective (Text all the times) and fast to complete.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QXVSPVTHV5K52PWUFRBEQ52354 grcgigb yzdfa

    The only thing I could find (besides the eduke32 that is included in this package) is YANG. It'll run a number of open source engines (eduke32) in multiplayer. I haven't tried running this game in co-op though because of the way the game is laid out I would highly doubt it to be possible. MUCH like everyone else in this topic I expected this to be more shooter oriented.

    BUT, anyone who says this is a boring exploratory RPG hasn't played passed the beginning and it's a shame. This game REALLY amps up.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QXVSPVTHV5K52PWUFRBEQ52354 grcgigb yzdfa

    The three orbs are all together in the chest where you get that chainsaw gun in the beginning. They're not spread out anywhere. The first map is quite small too.

    I definitely agree about that POW meter. I used it at first as was prompted and then started running away from giant red minotaurs. Not to mention how is anyone supposed to know that activating the magic activates lightning that breaks barriers for you automatically. But, After 10 minutes I made it to the second area and got the shotgun and started blasting away at enemies. The second I got the shotgun the game became 200% better

  • TheFuzz

    OH GOD!!!! Just make it coop! Crossover with Doom Space Marine!!!!!! This would be awesome!

  • Guest

    What order are the rest in?

    1) Wgrealms
    2) Wg2 siege
    ?) Castle
    ?) the other ones
    ?) ????
    43) Profit?

  • Syrion

    Indeed, the moment you get the Shotgun the game really starts. I like the part before it, especially because the environment fondly reminds me of Turok, but it's rather weird for such a game.

  • Zecks

    dunno. i don't personally recommend the castle level, it goes overboard with the exploration and you'll probably spend half the time looking for where to go next. it unlocks the knight character though.

    but yeah. this thing has some seriously unique style going on, and proves that old-school fps will always be great, you just gotta do it well. the exploratory aspect is really well done IMO with the small bonus items everywhere, maybe a bit too much at the beginning of episodes but that's about it. the only real gripe i have is that the POW is way too easy to abuse; it generates so fast and the abilities are too powerful (never mind having all five at once!).


    To take away the confusion, I'd best describe the game as “Witchhaven done right”, because that's what it is – “Witchhaven” with assets and gameplay elements from “Duke Nukem”, “DOOM” and “Hexen”.

  • Syrion

    To me, POW seems like an “emergency win button” that you still have to take care of to keep it (at least on “Let's Rock”). All fights can be won without using it, but if you ever get into a situation where you can't, for example because you are too low on health to possibly win, you can use it to easily get over that fight and recover.

  • Anon

    Don't let the first level discourage you. It's nice-looking but boring. The rest of them you'll be facing hundreds of enemies and praying for a breather.

  • PAtter

    am i the only one who can't play the 2nd char? i have beat the first episode but he is still locked -.-

  • Mark P0rter

    talking about playing Duke Nukem 3d online

    I saw people suggested YANG. isn't there some other tool as well to play duke online because i've tried yang two days ago and it just wouldn't work that well while I remember I've used some other program years ago and it worked well.

    Also I don't want to be a dick but this game doesn't look and feel like Duke at all. That's not a bad game but this is more DOOM or Hexen than Duke. I don't know why they even had to bring up the name Duke. Probably just because they released DNF and this gets more attention this way or I don't know. What's wrong with naming Doom?

  • Zecks

    I think it's duke because… it uses the duke engine?

    ps. this was released two years ago