Previews: Men Versus Wild

By: Derek Yu

On: July 7th, 2011


Not sure how this escaped my sonar (insert canned laughter), but Depth is a team-based multiplayer game of scuba divers versus sharks. The goal of the divers is to stealthily recover sunken treasure before they get turned into chum. According to the game’s website the sharks are powerful but have limited visibility – they rely on movement and blood to track their prey. Each team has three classes.

Primal Carnage, by Lukewarm Media

On the other hand, Primal Carnage puts you in the role of either a mercenary or a friggin’ dinosaur. Each team has five classes, with the dino classes ranging from massive T. rexes to flying pteranodons to tiny “Compies”. No word yet on what the game modes are, although the website mentions “getting to and holding the abandoned facilities which are spread throughout the maps”.

Both games are being developed by small teams using Epic’s UDK. No release dates have been announced, but in the meantime, you can watch the footage I’ve embedded under the bloop:


Primal Carnage

  • David Simmonds

    Whoa, this sounds fucking rad!

  • Honest Guy

    yeah! I agree… too bad is such a minecraft ripoff…

  • broAhmed


  • ConcernedDragon

    Nevermind it seems a little more than just a homage to Cave Story? Make something original guys!

  • Foppy

    The dinosaurs look a bit helpless, against men with machine guns and grenades. I was expecting Jurassic Park scenes where people are hiding under tables for scary dinosaurs, but the video looks more like a typical hectic FPS.

  • Angel Eyes

    Compies are the worst. I remember last time I was on an expedition to the island of Isla Nublar, those little bastards were everywhere. Bullets just don’t hit them.. too small.

  • Squall789

    wait what? if your talking about Primal carnage then I’m beyond confused, if you can make a VALID comparison between Primal carnage and Cave Story I’d be very interested to know what it is, as a big fan of both games, im rather confused by your comment.

  • Tommy Monster

    If “Depth” bombs or is horribly disappointing or fails to come out altogether, I’m going to ask myself: “Why? Why, why why?”
    And then I’m going to have to find the answer inside of people. :(

  • Anonymous

    Someone doesn’t get sarcasm. It’s an old joke/complaint that ‘all indie games are cave story ripoffs’ . And these days every sandbox game gets accused of being a minecraft ripoff

  • Guest

    Exactly, this reminds me more of Natural Selection. Oddly enough that name would have been great for this franchise =P

  • Greg-Anims

    AWESOME! Both of these look incredible, thought something about seeing “you tagged ron” makes me laugh.

  • Phubans

    Wow, I’m really impressed with the quality of the models and textures I’ve been seeing in 3D indie games lately.

  • Fyrren

    Depths looks amazing! Can’t wait until a public release, and they have my money!

  • SirNiko

    Please stop making this joke. It is not funny.

  • Dennis N.


  • News

    hold on to your butts

  • Charem Charmeleon


  • Vasili Sviridov

    Depth kinda reminds me of the good old Thievery Mod for UT. That game was fun, wish there were more like it…

  • Patrick Mullen

    Both of these look amazing. With any luck they might get me to play multiplayer again.

  • Nerdbot

    Planet Earth needs more underwater games. A LOT more underwater games.

  • Andy Hamm

    These games look great, I am especially interested in Depth.

  • Kris

    “Both games are being developed by small teams using Epic’s UDK. ”

    Actually, Primal Carnage is being developed with Unigine Engine, not UDK.

  • Anonymous

    Where did you get that information? The website and the screenshots both credit UDK, there is no mention of Unigine.

  • Squall789

    He is Wrong, Primal is being developed with UDK NOT UNIGINE.

  • Adam

    Wow, that pic with the shark looks like it might hurt a bit.


    How effin’ cool is that…?