Recent Good Knytt Stories #3

By: Derek Yu

On: July 7th, 2011

[This is a guest post by ortoslon.]

Yep, five more short pretty platformers. You’ll need the latest version of Knytt Stories to play these levels.

1. Dark Sea by SecretGlitch offers a mix of brutally hard but fair obstacles and amusing surprise deaths.

2. Another Strange Dream by James Orth II is a surreal level with original graphics and music. Playthrough.

3. Coldmist Mountain by Talps and Jetio4 is linear and hard. Playthrough.

4. Advanced by SecretGlitch is a little test of your platforming skills. Despite what the HUD may suggest, you have infinite lives. Playthrough.

5. Petals of a Dying Flower by Talps, because there is no such thing as too much silhouette graphics.

  • James O

    Oh man, I would never have expected my Knytt Story level to end up on TIGsource. Thats pretty cool.

  • Guest

    Grats =]

  • jetio4

    Aww, you shoulda waited so you could give Talps 3 levels on this page. I mean he has 2 already and I have no doubt his next level will be good enough to make it too! :P

  • jetio4

    Oh, and SecretGlitch, too!

  • ReeColi

    Beautiful tile set. Haven’t played much of Knytt Story, but I’ll give these levels a go.

  • Talps

    I’m very honoured :p Even if the end of ‘Coldmist Mountain’ should have had a good few hours’ more work. Thank you for the recognition; it’s what makes it worthwhile!

    As for a new level… I have about five screens to make before I consider posting a preview, though I’m in a bit of a sink for ideas right now, so no promises.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a pleasant surprise that you threw on Dark Sea to the list, I expected to only see Advanced.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a pleasant surprise that you threw on Dark Sea to the list, I expected to only see Advanced.

  • ortoslon

    thanks guys, now it looks like no one else cares about knytt stories :)

    for #4, i might delay sending the link to the post to the featured levelmakers by a couple of days

  • Thomas Gellhaus

    These look interesting indeed. I’ve never tried Knytt Stories, but the original and WaDF run fine using Wine on my Linux computer, so these should not pose a problem.

  • Gesso

    I still care about Knytt Stories! But it’s hard to know which levels are good usually! I’m downloading all of these.

  • Gesso

    Also, more of these posts are always appreciated, ortolson!

  • Random

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