By: Derek Yu

On: July 18th, 2011

Impasse, by Wanderlands

I really like this new turn-based puzzler, Impasse, so it’s good to hear that developer Wanderlands is planning on releasing a “spiritual sequel” in the near future. The goal in each level is simple – move the white circle to the green circle on the right side of the screen without landing on any other circle. New circle types are introduced all the time to keep the puzzles fresh, but there are no tutorials of any sort (and none required). It’s a very elegant design.

TIGdb: Entry for Impasse

  • Shelby

    I got stuck on Lock. Fun game.

  • Dingdong

    I only like it because Notch likes it.

  • Christian Knudsen

    I’m suprised at how such a simple mechanic can become so difficult. Great stuff!

  • Parthon

    I love games like this. Short enough to not outstay it’s welcome, hard enough to really make you think, and a real sense of accomplishment when done.

  • SSsssss

    Although it would remove a bit of the trickiness of it, I wish the player would remain centered instead of “wrapping.” (have everything else wrap instead.

  • Gnurfos

    That would cause too many things moving, in my opinion. Making it hard to see what happens when you move.

  • Gcpete

    This is clearly a minecraft ripoff

  • SirNiko

    Cleared the last stage. Very well done! The puzzles were genuinely puzzling, with no wasted movements.

  • James Exe

    This game is pretty great.