Limbo out on Steam and PS3

By: Derek Yu

On: August 3rd, 2011

The IGF award-winning platformer Limbo has just been released on Steam for $9.99. It was also released on PSN a few weeks ago.

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  • Phubans

    $10? I’ll maybe get on sale for $5, but I already learned my lesson with Amnesia; never pay more than $10 for an indie game.

  • Jonathan Reardon

    World of Goo was well worth the 20 bucks imo

  • UrbanMonk

    Amnesia was well worth $20, if not more.

  • Ryan Huggins

    I really wish I had money sometimes. :| Otherwise, another great addition to Steam; I already played the game on XBLA though :)

  • Gerroro

    Well, I am not going to tell you how to spend your money. But do understand that even an indie game dev needs to sell a huge amount of copies at the $5 dollar point to run a healthy business.

    If we allow indies to charge $15 – $25 dollars for their games, an indie can bring you the unique gameplay you don’t find in most AAA games AND they can actually match production value pretty well.

    If an indie can only charge $5 then only the big hit indies will be able to bring you quality products, and that is only a handful of studios a year, and if these small indie studios can’t repeat their success even once, the studio is dead. So in the end it will result in a very weak indie scene that will target a big demographic (less risky, less innovative), or cut many production corners to get out products faster.

  • Dingdong

    It looks frustrating.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve learned a different lesson the hard way: Never pay more than $10 for a AAA game. And I don’t, because they’re almost always boring as hell.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve learned a different lesson the hard way: Never pay more than $10 for a AAA game. And I don’t, because they’re almost always boring as hell.

  • Bryan Wade

    What makes you say this, exactly? I mean, you’re posting on an indie games website, you’d think you’d have a bit more than a passing interest in indie games. Honestly, I’m much more willing to pay 20 bucks for an indie game than 20 for most AAA titles.

  • Phubans

      A lot of indie games tend to be short on content. Amnesia was okay,
    maybe worth $5 IMO, but I paid $10 for it on sale… I’d probably give
    it a 7/10. Now a game like Batman: Arkham Asylum I bought on sale for $3
    more than I paid for Amnesia and it was a much more rewarding
    experience that delivered so much more quantity AND quality than Amnesia
    did for me. Terraria, on the other hand, is an exception to most indie
    games; that one is worth $10 if not more. Sure, Amnesia is probably
    worth $10, too… I was just being overly critical. Anyways, if you’re
    wondering why I’m on this site, it’s because I’m a developer, not a fan.

  • Peevish

    …wouldn’t you think your work is worth more than $5?

    By my thinking, if I bought Amnesia at $10 and didn’t like it, I’d sooner say there’s a problem with Amnesia than the whole of indie development. I got VVVVVV for $5 and it was worth far, far more.

  • Antonis Tsagaris

    I got it and I’m loving every moment of it! I am almost in the middle of the game (took me a couple of hours) so yeah – a bit on the short side but the experience is worth it. Ten bucks for a game like Limbo? I’d pay 25-30 USD and still feel that it was worth it. :)

  • Vania

    I usually dont pay more than 5$ for a singleplayer game. Games like World of Goo, Braid, or SMB are excellent but just too short.

    On the other hand, I dont mind paying 20$ or more for a nice multiplayer game.
    (check out Altitude)

  • Someotherguy

    Is $10 bux too much money to waste on a bad game already? World economic crisis is starting to affect dudes really bad!

  • Someotherguy

    Why would I spend 5 bux on this game, if I can just play cave story again. I mean they’re exactly the same! 


    Vicious lies.

  • Anon

    seriously, stop spamming everything with the cave story crap. you’re making an amusing joke become irritating.

  • Ofer

    LIMBO is a superb game, I played it on the XBOX. Now I can buy it as a gift for my friends who don’t own an XBOX. :)

  • Selador

    The game is totally bugged, when finished, it just starts anew, at the same place! I tried to complete it a second time, but the game wraps around itself.. want my 10 bucks back!

  • Evan Balster

    It’s not bugged.  When you get back to the forest, try having a look around.

  • Evan Balster

    A brilliant game and in almost all regards exactly the kind of thing I aspire to work on.  I just need to feed my artist and sound designer a whole bunch of amphetamines so we can make all the content.  : P  (Fun fact: the most precise reason the engine I’ve been working on for two years was started was the image of grass blowing in the wind.)

    But honestly.  Very ambient, very very flowy, and a really lush experience throughout.  Lots of moments with surprisingly strong emotions about them, such as the last scene with our old friend Mr. Spider.  I took my time with the game but according to steam beat it in about four hours.  (I’m good at puzzles.)  Good for them for not watering down the experience for the sake of length.

  • SSssss

    this is a GREAT GAME. Stamped and Seal of Approval’d.

  • Phubans

    Yes, but my games up to this point have all been freeware.

  • Mrmot

    If it was $10, I’d get it at once. But, with the Steam $1=1e policy, I’ll wait for a sale.

  • Anonymous

    This game is probably the best game I’ve played in a long time.
    If you think Portal 2 is worth it’s price, then don’t even question paying 10$ for this masterpiece.

    Don’t take me wrong, I’m not a casual gamer, I generally get bored with games before finishing them, and I hate that, but this game has taken me by the nuts.

    Just buy it. Seriously. If you don’t have the money to buy it, download it, you’ll buy it afterward to support the developers. But not playing this game because you can’t spend 10$ is ridiculous.

  • meepmeep

    Using a conversion rate of 12.5 Funs per ArbitrariCredit, I have calculated that they will need to decrease the price by at least 127.4 AbitrariCredits in order for me to buy this game.

  • Nix

    Very nice game for all KnyttStories or Machinarium lovers BUT MUCH TOO SHORT. One and a half hour for ten Euros… that s…ks Should have waited, but couldn’t ;-)

  • Downer

    what was wrong with amnesia? (i havent played it yet)